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*Penny's Pov*
I was with Kate and the new girl Sarah and we were talking.
"Where are the boys?" Kate asked me.
"I don't know honestly" I said and then I looked around and saw them.
"There" I pointed out and Kate saw them.
They came over to us and I hugged my brother.
"Your supposed to be at school in your dorm. Sleeping" he said.
"I wanted to get outside for awhile" I said quietly.
"Pogue let her live a little okay" Caleb said.
"Fine but after this. Straight to your dorm" he said and I nodded.
"Pogue give her a rest will you" Kate said giving him a kiss.
"She's my baby sister. I protect her" he said and looked at me.
"I don't need a bodyguard" I mumbled and Caleb heard.
"Yes you do" he answered.
"Stop treating me like I'm 5 guys" I said to the four boys.
"No can do Penny" Reid said and I looked the other way.
They always treat me like I'm 5 and it's tiring. I hate it. Soon Kira came over and pushed me out of the way.
"Move it bitch" she snarled and that ticked off the boys.
"Guys don't I'm fine" I said getting in between them and then turning to Kira.
"Kira one thing. Kiss my fucking ass" I said and punched her in the nose making people around us gasp.
"Penny stop" Caleb said and pulled me away.
"Hey!" Aaron yelled coming over and seeing his so called 'girlfriend' bleeding.
"Did you do this?" He asked Pogue.
"No but my sister did and if you want her your going to have to get through us" he said and the boys stood in front of me.
"Protecting your little girlfriend I see Caleb" he taunted.
"She's not my girlfriend" Caleb said and he broke my heart when he said that.
"Hey that's enough" said the new boy breaking up the tension.
I grabbed onto Pogue's arm. They started to talk and I saw Reid's eyes go off and out of nowhere Aaron's friend puked.
"Hey everyone. Dylan just called saying he saw three cop cars on their way here" a guy said through the mic and everyone started to run.
I lost the boys along with Kate and Sarah.
"Guys!" I yelled and looked for them in the woods.
"Pogue! Caleb! Tyler! Reid!" I yelled and someone grabbed my arm and I slightly screamed but saw it was Reid.
"It's okay. It's just me. Hold on" he said and I nodded.
(Pretend they can teleport with other people as well).
I was teleported into the car and I was in between Pogue and Caleb.
"Oh my god" I breathed and they looked at Reid.
"Where did you find her?" Pogue asked.
"By were the party was. She was looking for us" he said and Pogue hugged me.
"I hate teleportation" I said and he chuckled.
"We know you do. Alright Reid lets go" he said and Reid drove off.
Soon a cop car was following us and I wasn't liking the plan.
"I don't like where this is going guys" I said.
"Don't worry. When we get to the cliff, hang on to either Pogue or Caleb" Tyler said and I nodded.
Soon we were close the the cliff.
"It's going to take all of us besides Penny, Caleb" Pogue said and Caleb nodded.
"Penny hold on" Reid said and I held onto Caleb and he looked at me and then nodded.
"Guys!" I yelled seeing the cliff.
"Harry Potter can kiss my ass!" Reid shouted and the car teleported behind the cop car.
I let go of Caleb and then we drove back to the school. Once we did I got out of the car with the boys following.
"If you get nightmares call anyone of us. We are all one call away" Pogue said and I nodded.
"Come on we'll walk you back" Reid said and I nodded.
Once they walked me to my dorm, I opened it and saw my one bed dorm room. Yup, I don't have a roommate and I got my pjs on and got in bed. After hours of sleep I felt something and woke up to see a person. It turned out to be a darkling and I screamed but I actually woke up and gasped. I grabbed my phone and called Caleb.
"Hello?" He asked in a tired voice.
"Caleb I saw something in my nightmares" I said in a scared voice.
"Wait what happened?" He asked.
"It was a darkling. How is that possible I don't have powers and someone sent it to me. Caleb I'm scared" I rambled.
"Hey it's okay. No one will hurt you. Me and the guys will figure it out but I need you to be calm for us to help" he said.
"I don't know if I can Cal" I said using my nickname for him.
"Please for us Pen" he said using his nickname for me.
"Okay. I'm sorry for waking you up" I said.
"Don't worry Pen. I'm glad you did" he said.
"Good night Cal" I said.
"Good night Pen" he said and I hung up.

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