Beyond Dreams II

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❤️~Cooking is love made visible~❤️

Zelah popped the blue pill in her mouth and swallowed it dry, grimacing at the bitter taste it left behind. She took her time to change out of her work clothes, glancing at her phone from time to time.

It had been silent almost all day excluding the messages from the network she had registered on.


She ignored it and fixed her shirt, before sitting on the bench to tie her sneakers.



She picked it up and saw three messages, all of them from Sam.

Chef: Photo

Chef: Photo

Chef: The last one was a mistake. I'm coming to pick you up, please don't leave.

She smiled and opened the one he deemed as a mistake first. It was a close up of his face, peering at the screen and looking very serious.

He looked better and rested, but very bored. Before leaving, she had asked him to stay at her apartment and didn't leave till he promised.

The first picture was one of her blouses lying on her bed. A navy blue shoulder-cut silk blouse that she hasn't seen in ages.

She grabbed her bag and dialed his number while leaving the room. It felt colder than usual in the lobby and she hurried out into the warm air.


She held the phone to her ear with her shoulder and pushed the door to the café open.

“Heyy. What's with the picture?”

Jimmy held up both hands to her but she shook her head, and sat in her usual spot by the windows.

“I want you to go somewhere with me. Is it okay?”

“Yeah, I think it is. The blouse, not the talk of you taking me somewhere. People ask before making decisions like that.”

She tapped the table rhythmically, suddenly feeling very clear headed.

The drug she had taken was beginning to take effect.

“Zelah, will you go somewhere with me?”

“Is that the name of the place? Somewhere?”

“It's..a surprise.”

She saw his car pull into the yard and stop at the entrance of the café.

“Seriously, where are we going?”

“Come here, and I'll tell you.”

She got up and went outside to him, getting in the car with a grin.

He looked her over as she settled in and put her seatbelt on.

When she turned to face him, his eyes left her face and he drove out of the fence.

“I missed you too.”

She covered his hand with hers on his lap and stared out the window.

He exhaled and let out a shaky laugh. “Two months. Today was the first that I couldn't look up and see you or walk down a flight of stairs, just to annoy you. It drove me…”

He shook his head and squeezed her hand tighter. “Please don't say anything to that. Just forget I said anything.”

Zelah relaxed in her seat and smiled to herself. She was content with letting him drive himself to insanity.

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