13) Behind Enemy Lines

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Months had slipped by; Reve neither knew nor cared. In her Draconian form she wandered, always preferring the woods until the need to find a source of food; hiding by day and hunting by night, it was always the same. Anyone she saw as a threat she would tear apart and feast upon. Although Reve couldn't quite drown out the images or shrieks, she found it was much easier to tune them out and delve deeper into the red mist. Reve was grateful as it cocooned her from her heartbreak that she knew would be inevitable if she tried to break through.

She’d ignored her usual routine of heading back to the forest; her belly was full and she felt no fear of discovery in her new found hideaway. No scents lingered from any humans, only the smell of dampness and the cold greeted her; the old factory had long since been abandoned. She made a nest of old rotted cardboard, the cool, wet material was like a balm to her scales and she luxuriated in it. Sleep came quickly for her.

Her eyes snapped open to the moonlight pouring in through the broken windows. The factory seemed to hold its breath; all she could hear was silence. Fear and panic began to snake its way through the beast’s body, cutting through the mist until it reached Reve. It was if someone had doused her with cold water, as she came to surface gasping. The beast allowed her some control, taking comfort in her human counter piece.

The minutes ticked by, and still nothing stirred. Reve was about to give her hold back over to the beast when she caught a scent. It burned her nostrils a little, it reminded Reve of an animal scenting; acidic and musky. And it held with it something else, something intangible; it made her scales stand on end. She spied what looked like a chute of some sort; it was the only available opening to hide herself. Slithering through backwards as far as her body would allow; she watched and waited. Reve knew the beast was angry of having to hide, her pride would never allow it; she wanted to confront it. But Reve was thinking of self-preservation, as that smell was other worldly.

A guttural sound could be heard, along with shuffling footsteps. Finally the steps came nearer and Reve viewed what looked like a small human. It was about four feet or so tall and it skin resembled grey leather. Its huge large black almond eyes glittered in its head; it had two small slits, where a nose should be and a small mouth with no discernible lips. Its head was huge compared to the rest of the body and it smelt sweet, similar to that of fruit that had been left out in the sun too long, overripe.

Reve felt a pushing in her head, as if someone was trying to poke into it with an imaginary finger. It set her teeth on edge. Appalled at the intrusion she pushed back and immediately the sensation stopped. The feeling of panic overrode her as the grey figure stood facing her hidey hole. It was then that she realised what those grey things were. Scouts.  Another heavier step approached, and the musky smell intensified. She was simultaneously drawn and repulsed by it. Reve and the beast were at loggerheads, the smell was overwhelming and the beast was aching to reach the source of it.

Reve’s monster had become more powerful since she had given up her body to her, and she was now mentally cursing herself for being so weak. The beast thrust Reve back into the red mist and all Reve could do was take a backseat and watch, as she pulled herself out of the hole as she stood up to face the source of the enticing scent.

Apart from the Draconian Reve had encountered in the woods, she had never seen another one so up close. That one had been on the verge of death, but he was still incredibly strong and quick. The one that stood before Reve was huge, at least six feet tall and muscular. Reve could tell by the scent and the beast’s reaction to it that he was an alpha male, a warrior and lethal.

A silent communication passed between the Draconian and the Grey, Reve felt a fluttering that tickled her mind. She didn't see the Grey approach with what looked like a metal cylinder, until it was too late. The beast was too enthralled with the Draconian to be aware of anything else. She felt a sharp stinging and then her focus began to grey, all Reve could do was scream in silence as she lost consciousness.

When Reve finally awoke, she realised she had full control of her body. Her arms had more scales than the last time she remembered when she was in her human form. Each time Reve let her takeover, she lost a small part of herself that resembled human.  Reve wasn’t sure how she was able to take control of her body, but she was grateful and relieved.

They’d put her in a small cell, the only furniture being the straw she had been placed upon. The air was cold, and she shivered. She realised she was in a cavern of some kind. As the walls were made of some sort of stone, and the place felt damp. On the outside of the wall, there appeared to be a computer. It had a huge lit up screen, and was built into the wall furthest from the cell; there was a large keyboard too with extra buttons. Its lights danced along the wall, creating a kaleidoscope of colour that was mesmerizing to watch.

Reve smelt the draconian before she saw him. Her heat beat increased as fear crawled along her skin. The beast began to rear its head, a basic reaction to the foul odour that made Reve gag. But Reve fought and held on, it took a huge effort to keep her contained; leaving her with a pounding headache and queasy stomach. The Draconian, approached the cell. Being in control of her body, Reve didn't react to him the way the beast did. She found him repulsive. His scales covered his entire body; his elongated mouth put her in mind of a lizard. He had huge claws, and he virtually rippled with strength. He stood staring at Reve, his eyes so similar to hers bored into her.

"What do you want?" She asked, proud that her voice held steady and didn’t betray the fear she felt.

It snarled in response but made no further movement towards her. Instead it looked her over once and turned its back on her. She heaved a sigh of relief as she tried to stop the trembling. No sooner had the draconian left, a grey appeared. Although not as fearsome in size, there was a calculating look on that face. And Reve knew she would have to be especially wary of these beings.

She was about to ask the same question, when a barrel of images were projected into her mind. Reve watched the images with a morbid fascination. The grey showed Reve herself as the beast, indicating that she should take on that form again.  Reve refused.

The grey insisted, as it tried to convey to her that it was vital and important that she embraced her heritage. Again Reve said no, all the while keeping the beast at bay. While the grey tried to manipulate her into turning by projecting image after image. The grey realising that tactic wasn’t working, retracted from her mind. Leaving Reve with a migraine and a bad taste in her mouth.

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