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Mage's POV

I woke up with a body beside me. I opened my eyes and became shocked. Jack and I are both hugging each other. I moved backwards and I fell. Very clumsy.

"Good morning." Jack said.

"Oh, good morning." I said and then headed to the bathroom.

I closed the bathroom door and pinched myself. Why in the world I feel goosebumps? No no no.

I did my daily routine and acted normal. Why would I be clumsy? We're friends, best friends, best friends hug each other. Nothing's wrong. It's not like I haven't hugged him before. Stop it Mage.

I opened the TV and started to watch something. It's just 6 in the morning, very early for me.

*Ring* *Ring* I answered my phone not bothering to look the caller ID.

"Good morning Mage." Colton?

"Good morning Colton." I said.

"Are you free for lunch?" He asked.

"Sorry but I am not home right now, we're on a vacation." I explained.

"Oh-k. So how are you?" He asked.

"I'm fine. Thank you." I said.

I heard the door shut, I looked back and noticed that Jack went out.

"Okay, so when will you come home?" Colton asked.

"Not really sure. Sorry but good bye for now Colt." I said.

"Okay.. sure." He said and I quickly hanged up.

Where did Jack go? Uhhhhhh.

I switched the TV off and went outside. I roam around the hallway to find where Jack is.

"Ouch." I fell my butt on the floor.

"Oh sorry hun, where are you going?" I looked up. What a coincidence, it's mom.

"Oh good morning mom. Do you know where Jack is?" I asked.

"Oh, I saw him standing near the beach side." Mom said.

"Oh, thanks mom. Just call me if it's time for breakfast or if you need something. Adios mom." I kissed her in the cheek and then went to the beach side..

Mom's right, Jack is standing near the beach side. I am about to walk when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and it's one of my.. I hate to say this but it's one of my fake friends. Actually she ruined a part of my childhood.

"Hi Bessie!" Vera hugged me. Why is she here? I haven't seen her in years, what? she just popped out randomly when she feels to make my day be ruined?

"Oh hi huh?" I said a little sarcastic.

"Where are you going?" She asked while smiling. Plastic smile. I remember, it was my 6th birthday, she ran to me and gave me her gift. When I opened it, it was a spider, I jumped and fell my butt. My cake fell and my gown is ruined. Every kid at the party laughed at me, and I will never forget that. That's why I hate her. She ruined everything. Since then, everybody started to laugh and bully me at school.

"None of your business I guess." I said a little annoyed.

"Oh you silly." She said, laughing with her fake barbie voice.

"Stop annoying me and just go away." I said irritatedly.

"Why? What's wrong little girl? Want me to ruin your day?" She asked me while smiling. I am about to answer when she cut me out.

"Hi hottie. Want me to come into your room tonight?" She asked while flashing her lashes, I got confused. I looked back and saw Jack standing behind me.

I punched her in the face hard. Her nose bleed and she started to cry. I just can't help it, I let her made part of my child hood ruined, enough.

"That's a lesson. Want me to teach you a couple more lessons?" I asked very irritated.

"You're a bitch!" She shouted and then she scratched me.

I am about to punch her again when two hands stopped me, Jack's hands.

"Stop Mage." Jack said and then he led me inside. I can't stop myself it's like my whole child hood came flashing back in my mind.

I think I'll see this in a magazine in a couple of days. I think my old star life is coming back and I hate it.


Mage's POV

"Next time, just let her be okay?" Jack said while cleaning Vera's scratched. I smiled and nodded.

"I'm sorry it's just that, I had enough of her. She ruined a part of my childhood." I said.

"I thought you're just mad because she called me hottie and she asked if I wanted her to come in my room." Jack said while chuckling.

"Heh." I said and laughed.

I explained to Jack what happened and he said he understand but he said that I am just letting myself get hurt. I smiled and covered my face.

"Stop doing that Jack." I said.

"Doing what?" He asked.

"I feel like you're making me special or something." I said.

"You're special." He said seriously.

"See? Stop that." I said while covering my face again.

The door opened and revealed mom, dad, nana & Witty.

"What happened?" Mom asked a little paranoid.

"Nothing mom, don't be paranoid." I said while chuckling.

"Oh.. I thought something real bad happened cause I saw Vera's nose is bleeding. What happened now between you two?" Mom asked.

I explained to them what happened and they just looked at me with all goofy smile.

"What now?" I asked.