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Grant High School. Your stereotypical high school with the most stereotypical people you could think of roaming the halls.

Stereotypical jocks, cheerleaders, and even nerds. Where do I stand? I'm not sure. I'm that one kid no one pays attention to. No girls look my way and no guys make an effort to speak to me.

I sit in the back of every classroom and walk the halls with my head down. That was until I heard her laugh one day. It was so bright and it had a spectacular ring to it.

Her name is Cassie. She walked the halls with her large group of friends as I peaked over my locker door at her.

A bright smile was perched on her face as she wore her cheerleading uniform. There must be a football game tonight.

Her hair was up perfectly with a striking blue ribbon tied in it. Her books were clutched to her chest as she rounded the corner.

I sigh as I turn back to my locker. She was your stereotypical high school cheerleader. She had it all. A large group of friends, perfect smile, perfect body, a large house with a rich father. She was even voted prom queen last year. She was the princess that ran the whole school.

I know it's silly to even look at her. A girl like her goes for the football players. The jocks.

I'm just into photography and art. No girl like her would go for someone like me.

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This is just a small teaser for you guys. I've had this idea for quite some time now. I hope you guys enjoy :)

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