I appear to have an obsession with OVA Jotaro

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Lay on the ground, every part of your body stung like electric current passing through. You swore through the clouded vision and hazy sounds you could hear low, husky panting. Blinking once, there was a dark shadow over you. It's knees were right up against your hip. The ground scraped from beneath you, leading you to believe you were probably just checking out early. Ascending was warm and inviting... But smelled like cigarettes. Confused, you found the strength to open your eyes again, two dark ones staring back at you, tearful.

"Say something, for fuck sake."

"Jojo?" His handsome smile appeared, a sympathetic, gentle look radiating from his eyes. The boy was scratched up badly, but he was alive, and that was one thing. "Why are you here?"

"He's gone... Dead." Hold the fuck on, Jotaro had his arms around you, supporting your head and neck and cradling you towards his speedily beating heart. "The Speedwagon Foundation will be here soon. Mom's alright, and they're sorting out the Old Man..." Picking up immediately on his faltering expression, eyes disappearing behind the brim of his hat, you managed the energy to reach out and make contact with his face. "But..."

"I'm sure their deaths weren't your fault. I can't believe I survived. He got me right in the chest." Peering down, there was still a knife lodged in your chest. You had wondered why you couldn't withdraw your Stand, and your only answer was that it was trying to plug the hole preventing mass blood loss. Panicking, your immediate reaction was to pull it out. Widened eyes giving away the notion, the teenager's fingers clamped down over yours.

"Don't. You'll piss out blood and die. I can't," Jotaro was being soft all of a sudden... Had the battle really shook him up that badly? "I can't lose anybody else."

"Why did you come back for me?"

"You can't keep quiet can you?" Erupting into a slight chuckle accompanied by a falling tear, it warmed your heart. He did care. "Yare yare daze... To put it simply, I suppose I care."

"You 'suppose'? You bastard." Laughing through tears, you definitely felt him cuddle you closer than before. A small gesture, but for Jotaro, it meant the world to you right now.

"Don't go dying on me, stupid bitch..."

"I seem to have survived a stabbing. I'm sure I'll live."

"He dropped a steam roller on me!" Your pearly grin set his stomach on fire. Though a serious volume of blood had gone, your humour had been left untouched.

"So it's a competition then, is it?" Realising this was his chance, since there was nobody around to witness it, he leant in, lips barely touching yours. They brushed enough to cause a sensation, guyliner rubbing off a little on your face. Though unfortunately, his hand only made it up from your waist to your rib, since a familiar voice had chirped in front.

"Jotaro, you found Y/N! Is—Oh." Leaping up from the compromising position, he knew he had to cover this up somehow. "Am I interrupting something?" Well, this had been a life or death situation. What he said next to Joseph would definitely confirm any feelings for you.

"I was checking her breathing. She's fine."

Corners of your lips tugging up into a smirk, the coverup was totally transparent, but cute none the less. It may have taken almost dying for him to reveal that his feelings matched yours, but you supposed that was just Jotaro Kujo... and you wouldn't change it for anything.

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