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Y/n: DYLAN?!!!!!!
Dylan: hey I'm with Caden
Y/n: hi caden what's up dude
Caden: nothing much
Y/n: I missed you guys it's been like 4 years
You guys have changed especially you Caden your more decent
Johnny walked past and heard
Johnny: Really?! He's decent. Wow. How bout me ? Am I decent? Or am I an average boy?
Y/n: John meet my cousins Caden and Dylan
Johnny blushes if embarrassment
Johnny: hi
Caden: wait are you Johnny orlando?
Johnny: guilty
Caden: holy crap you know Hayden
Johnny: yeah but he started dating my ex girlfriend and then broke up with her and told her I was into her and now she's trying to get me to like her.
Caden: 😮 ooooohhhh
Dylan: wiat whose the ex
Johnny3 kenzie
Dylan & caden: oh crap
Caden: I used to date her Boy was she crazy. She tried to rape me but Dylan came and punched her thank God
Johnny: oh shit thank god she didn't
Y/n: Johnny please don't swear. Can you only do it when your desperate
Johnny: sure babe
Caden: wait
Dylan: you said babe
Caden: are you two a thing!!!
Johnny& y/n: maybe
Dylan screammmmmmd
Caden: since when
Y/n: careful caden your turning into a girl
Caden: what's bad bout that
He does a hair flick
Y/n: nothing I am a girl remember

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