Chapter 7

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2 weeks later

(Y/n) was sitting on top of the rafters in the guild.

It was a slow day for him.

Natsu and the Strauss siblings went on jobs, Gildarts wasn't at the guild since he got way too drunk the day before, and Erza was being a bigger pain in the ass than usual.

He really didn't like the scarlet-haired knight, she was way too bossy for her age, correcting everyone for the smallest thing that she doesn't like. For example, she would beat Natsu and Gray for fighting, and then she would proceed to pick a fight with Mira.

But she wasn't the biggest pain in his ass. No, that title belongs to Laxus. Ever since he blasted him and Gildarts out of the guild with that Roar, he announced that he and (Y/n) were rivals. He keeps challenging him to fights, which (Y/n) always declines but he only does that since (Y/n) became S-class before him.

Anyway, he got bored of listening to Erza's rant about Wakaba smoking in the guild, so he jumped down and started walking to the door.

Erza: Where are you going?

(Y/n): I don't have to be here all the time.

He walked out off the guild but smacked into someone and fell forward.

He opened his eyes and saw Mira's face VERY close to his.

Neither of them moved.

(Y/n) eyes were open wide while Mira's face was redder than Erza's hair.

Happy: They liiiiiiiiiiiiike each other.

They looked away from each other while (Y/n) got up and helped Mira to her feet.

(Y/n): S-sorry. Didn't see ya there.

Mirajane: Y-yeah.

He started to walk away but was stopped by Mira grabbing his hand.

Mirajane: Hey. Can we talk? Alone.

He nodded and they both walked away.

They came to a stop on a cliff overlooking the ocean with the slowly setting sun.

(Y/n): So. What did you want to talk about?

Mirajane: Well, we've known each other for some time.

(Y/n): Right.

Mirajane: And we became really good friends.

(Y/n): Mmmhm.

Mirajane: And maybe.....we more than friends?

(Y/n): Excuse me?

Mirajane: Well, you're a boy and I'm a girl. And I..........I like you. A lot.

(Y/n): Aren't we a bit too young for something like that?

Mirajane: W-we don't have t-to do things l-like.........y-you know.

There was a few seconds of awkward silence.

Mirajane: S-so would you.....

She couldn't finish as (Y/n) stepped forward, hugged her and kissed her forehead.

(Y/n): Does that answer your question?

He smiled at her. She smiled back and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

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