Chapter 3- Something Else

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#Kai pov#


"ARRANGED? " I nodded.

"YOU. THE KAI WILLIAMS WITH A BOY!!!" I nodded. This was all before ten minutes. Now in front of me was a my best friend Mark laughing like hyenas. From last ten he was trying to control his hilarious laughter and I was trying to control my anger . if glare could kill people then he would have been dead ages ago. Wasn't he supposed to be my friend?
And look at him at the question of my whole life this bastard is laughing!!

" OK OK come again? "he said raising his both hands up and trying to control his laugh," your dad has blackmailed you to marry his best friend son and what I mean is BLACKMAILED YOU. how? " he asked staring at me like I have just told him I saw a mermaid running on two feet. Impossible right? Well I can't blame him because even  I  am shock that someone could blackmail me and that to my own father, my mothers husband. And here I thought she has most ridiculous choice.

Mark was again going to start so I glare at him and said, " Mark you are supposed to help me here. It is question of my life dude. Stop that grin of yours or let me remind you we are at 12th floor." he took deep breath and said "OK I will stop but tell me how did he blackmailed you? I mean it could come handy to me also" at this I glare at him but then looking at his curious face I just felt more frustrated I groan and said " could you believe he actually blackmailed me. That man is evil. You know what he said, he said look Kai either you marry him willingly or wake up one morning open the newspaper and read the headline 'Billionaire Kai Williams coming out and  getting married to a his boyfriend of years with total support of family and friends' and  who would support it I will. Choice is yours but of course you don't have a choice. Ha ha ha." i told mimicking my fathers tone.

Mark sat there jaw dropping and dumbfounded. After taking few seconds to process the information in his brain and realizing everything he said " remind me that to never get on bad sides of Williams family. I think they have got this in their genes." after hearing him my face was like what? You only have this much to say. He looked at my face and said, " what? What did you want from me?" I gave him you-are-unbelievable face and said, "come on dude what do you mean by what, you have to help me hear and at least first listen to everything I have to say." he look at me in shock and said, "there is more to it than your father wants to help his friend in treatment who would not accept anyone else help except family members because he cared so much for his son and therefore your father has decided to arrange a marriage between this shean guy and you to establish a family bond. What else is remaining? " he blurted all in one breath. I could tell you now he was loosening his shit. Even when he laughed at me he is still my best friend and care for me a lot. I mean it when I say a lot. He is like a brother to me which I never have. Even my old man also likes him.

And now he was definitely angry at the situation after all he worries about me. And coming back to where I was, I raised my hands and said "OK clam down now and first listen." I paused for him. He nodded and I continued, " my old man wants me to propose to this boy. Just listen up OK." I said the last part noticing his protest and then continued, " he said if it was only like asking him then he had went to him first.......

" look Kai when this idea strike me I first went to shean and may I tell you he is extremely delicate, understanding and good mannered boy. He is really a sweetheart and I felt that if I suggested this matter to him then he would definitely say yes for his father but then he would never be able to mend with us as family. He would behave like some servant and would set up walls between us. He would always treat our help as a big favor and therefore he will never say no to anything no matter if he like it or not. Nick don't want this to happen to him and after meeting him neither do I want it that way so therefore you will have to make him agree for this marriage without telling him the true reason. You can use any other way but not tell him truth. "

....and therefore I have to propose to him. Now tell me how I am going to do this when even I don't want to marry. Suggest me something." I explained to Mark. Mark spaced out for a while thinking then he compose himself and said, " Kai I don't think there is any way out of it. A family bond is needed and only marriage is that bond between two people with unrelated blood. And since you both don't have siblings this is the only way. I know you know all this and you don't want to get married but think about it, this is going to save someones life and that to of a man you have always respected without meeting him. Now you have the chance to help him. I know that method may sound wrong but purpose behind is pure. Kai no one can force you in this we both know that well but I suggest you should do this. Remaining is your wish. " he told. Yes yes this are really words from this dumbass. Even when I hate to agree it but he is sensible when it comes to important things. And now when he put it that way....

" are you sure you are not forcing me" I asked him. He smirked and said, " then are you going to propose him like bending on keens and all or you have something else in your mind?"  he asked curiously. " may be something else." I replied and smirked .

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