Ch. 27 They saved me

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A month later. 

October 31, 1991. 


It's Halloween which means it is the anniversary of Azalea and Harry Potter's parents' death. At first, the twins were confused as to why students and sometimes Professors were looking at them with a worried expression or asking them if they needed help with anything. Azalea is the first one to find out about her parents' death anniversary through Severus in the Potion Classroom. Azalea is shocked and saddened that her parents passed away on Halloween.

Severus looks at Azalea. 

" Azalea. If you like I can keep you company if you don't feel like participating in Halloween activities with the other students at the Great Hall. We can drink tea and eat cookies as I tell you all I know about your parents. Either the good or bad memories I have of them," He honestly tells her. 

Azalea looks at Severus. 

" I appreciate that Severus," She tells him. " But, I know my Mum and Papa would have wanted me to go have fun and be with my friends than mourn over them. I mean I do miss them dearly, but I know they are in my heart," She smiles at him. 

Severus smiles at Azalea. 

" Alright. Have a good day and if you ever need me. I'll be at the Great Hall at the staff table," He tells her.

Azalea nods her head.

She turns around and walks out of the potion classroom. She walks out of the dungeons and heads towards the Great Hall. She arrives at the Great Hall and wears an awed expression when she sees the usual decor transformed into a Halloween theme.

" Azalea!" A male voice called out to her.

Azalea looks forward and smiles when she sees Draco waving at her at the Slytherin's table. She walked towards the Slytherin table but stops when she overhears someone talking about her. She turns her head to the right and sees Ron talking to his friends Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan.

" This past month Azalea has been getting a lot of attention from our Head of House," Ron tells the boys. 

' That's because I am her apprentice,' Azalea thought.

" Not only that, your big brother, Percy takes off House Points from us whenever we do something mischievous while he doesn't take House Points from Azalea whenever she does something mischievous as well," Seamus whined. 

" Do you think your big brother has a crush on Azalea?" Dean curiously asked. 

" If he does. Azalea must have created a Love Potion, so she could get away from being in trouble. I swear just because she is the sister of the Chosen One. She thinks she owns Hogwarts," Ron sighs in annoyance.

Azalea tears up when she heard that.

" Azalea," Two male voices called out to her. 

Azalea looked away seeing Draco and Harry standing in front of her. She blinks trying not to have the tears fall from her eyes as she smiles at them. 

" Azalea. Everything alright?" Harry asked his older sister. 

Draco looks at Azalea with a worried expression.

" I'm fine," Azalea reassures them. " I am going to the restroom. I'll be back," She turns around and runs out of the Great Hall as a tear fell.

Harry and Draco looked at each other with a worried expression. Both boys went back to their respected House table as they wait for Azalea to return from the girl's bathroom. 

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