Chapter Three

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Sunday was as horrid as I thought it would be. I was barely able to leave my books despite the fact that I'd started studying early enough for once. It was now 4 PM, Monday and I'd messed up both my Spanish and nature sciences test. I felt horrible and wanted to be alone and lay in my bed. Going home didn't feel like the best option right now though, since I had an argument with mom this morning. It wasn't really a big deal, I was late for school and all that so she started yelling and then I started yelling and panicking and ugh... I simply couldn't go home right now. I could stay here at school for a while longer but that wasn't going to distract me from it all. It'd make it all worse presumably, considering there are only kids I don't really like here. I could call Zoey or Audrey but I didn't feel like explaining it all to them. Calling Paige or Olivia was an option, or maybe Scott, but he probably wouldn’t really understand. All of them would probably be in school, since it was only 1 over there. Still, I decided to send them a text, telling them I missed them and that we all should video chat sooner or later.

Paige immediately responded: “YOU SHOULD COME OVER ASAP” I smiled and replied: “I WISH OMG IT HAS TO HAPPEN, BUT SCHOOL L Olivia also replied in our group convo, saying we should indeed video chat and sending a pouty face because she missed me. I put away my phone, realizing I still hadn’t found an opportunity to share my feelings.

It wasn't just messing up the tests and the fight with my mom, there was more. I didn't exactly know what, maybe it's all a big clump of things that bother me so much.

First of all, being stuck here in Columbus and surroundings. Then there's the fact that I have 2 friends here who are better friends with each other than with me and also both have boyfriends so there's not much time left for friends like me. Third of all, granddad wasn't doing very well, healthwise. He's never been the healthiest man on earth but he's gotten worse over the last few months. Plus I just feel so alone these days. Maybe that has something to do with the 2-friends-part but I'm kind of used to that by now. It's just, alone is good sometimes but I need someone else than myself to tell my stories to. Someone who understands me, even if it's just a little bit. Someone who feels unwhole too, broken maybe. I guess that's a good word to describe it all. I feel broken. But I have to keep that to myself and wear a smile. Showing real feelings is something I’ll do when I’m alone.

Suddenly I came up with the idea to go to town and buy some new clothes. I hadn't gone shopping in a while and I'd saved up some money, time to spend it. I took a bus and once I arrived, I went to Hot Topic to buy a black skinny. I also bought some tank tops and t-shirts at H&M and drank some tea at a starbucks. I looked at my phone to check the time and saw it was almost 6. Frick.

I quickly bought a small bouquet of flowers as an apology to my mom and walked to the bus station in fast pace. I entered the bus and sat on the seat near the window, my bags in the seat next to mine. That's when I decided to send my mother a text.

Hey mom, I'm sorry for yelling at you this morning. I'm on my way home from town x"

I tried to find my earplugs but I'd left them in my locker at school, and the other pair I own is laying on my pillow, probably. So I just sat in silence, staring out of the window.

We past a stop, but no one had to get on or off so the driver drove past it. At the second stop, there were three people to get on the bus. My gaze quickly shifted over them. An old woman, presumably about 75 years old, a super cute guy who was about my age and some other dude struggling to untangle his earplugs, who also seemed like my age. I looked back at the other side of the street when I realized what I just saw.

'Whoa Jenna. Okay you just saw a really cute guy. Don't enter awkward-human-being-mode. DON'T.' I told myself . The cutie, who was wearing sunglasses, entered the bus. I grabbed my bags from the seat next to mine and put them on the floor, making room for him to sit. I was proud of myself for doing that in some way, this isn't something I'd usually do..

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