Chapter Two

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The next day at school I got a text from Zoey, telling me and Audrey that she was sick. Great. I had only one class with Audrey, so that meant that I'd be alone the other 4 classes and during the long break. I'm used to being alone in some classes, though I dread it. Being alone during breaks, especially the long ones, was even worse so basically the entire day would be horrible,  except maybe biology and the first, fifteen minute break.

I said a quick goodbye to Audrey and walked to the Spanish classroom by myself. Once I entered, Ms. Defuntes greeted me. I said hi to her and sat in my seat, without Zoey to be my company. We watched some weird sort of music video about a boy asking his teacher if he could go to the bathroom. It was kind of High School Musical-like but a lot worse and also in Spanish, which didn't make it better at all. After that, we watched a movie. I had to pay attention because I would get a test about the film soon, but it was hard to actually pay attention. The guys two rows behind me kept laughing and whispering, which made me extremely uncomfortable for some reason. When I turned around to see what they were doing, I saw one of them looking at me with raised eyebrows. Suddenly they both shut up and honestly, that did not make me feel much better. ‘I'm pretty sure they were laughing at me for some reason,’ I thought to myself, and I added to my mental to do- list to check if anything was wrong with my appearance after class. 

When I checked myself in the mirror I assumed the guys weren't laughing about me because everything seemed fine. Maybe I should just be a little more confident. I left the bathroom and hurried my locker because I knew I was going to meet Audrey there. We said hi and then went to the atrium to eat some chocolate chip cookies. We didn't say much to each other, but it wasn't really an awkward silence. Audrey was texting her boyfriend and we sent Zoey a 'get well soon' snapchat together.

That's another difference between me and Zoey and Audrey. Both of them have a boyfriend who they always talk about. They go on double-dates or just normal dates and blah blah. Sometimes they ask me along but I don't really want to be the third wheel. I don't like public places anyways. At least not when I have to talk, I just like to be alone sometimes. It's good, I can just walk, and think. That's all I really do every day and I am one hundred percent fine with that.

"If Zoey is feeling better Friday, do you want to go to the cinema with us?" Audrey asked, quite out of nowhere. I gave her a confused look but then I understood that it was a question. "Uhm... I'd love to but I'll have training around four. I don't know what movie you wanted to see and at what time?" I answered. "We wanted to grab a bite around five and then do some shopping. The movie begins at half past seven. Oh, Daniel and Tom are coming too." Darn. Okay what is the nicest way to tell her I don't want to come... "Ah too bad..." I paused. "Training won't be over until half past five and I'll probably be home around 6:30” slightly exaggerating the amount of time I’d need to get home, “so it doesn't really fit." I gave her a slightly sad look, which she returned. "You really need to get a boy too, Jen. I mean I know it's because of basketball this time but I don't want you to feel like... You know what I mean." And I did. I knew exactly what she meant and I wasn't sure if getting a boyfriend was going to change it at all. If anybody would want me at all, I still wouldn’t be able to fully connect with Audrey and Zoey.  "Oh well," I said. "There are worse things in life and I guess I'm fine with being alone."  And on top of all that, I added mentally, I only like Seattle boys. Or at least, I have liked Seattle guys and there hasn't been a Columbus-boy to prove me different yet. Plus, no one would like me. The thought actually sounded quite optimistic in my head, weirdly enough. Or maybe it’s just one of those things you always see in movies. People never seem hurt but the longer you look, the more hurt you”ll see.

The bell suddenly rang, so Audrey and I rushed off to biology. Class was boring, we talked about transcription of the DNA and some other celly things. I was focussing on nothing in particular and Audrey was texting someone, probably her boyfriend Tom, again. I rolled my eyes and continued doing nothing. Our teacher, Ms. Owl didn't notice us doing nothing, and class was over a lot of boring minutes later. I said bye to Audrey and went to the rest of my classes.

After school I took the bus to get home, tired again. Usually I would get some extra sleep in the weekend, but I was going to have to take 2 big tests Monday, which meant I was going to be stuck in my study books for the entire Sunday at least. “Better start summarizing some of the chapters as soon as possible. And try to get some sleep.” I told myself. My parents were at work and Ben was in his room, so I was able to grab a glass of juice and take it to my room. I started summarizing nature sciences and was half done after about 2 hours. Mom called me to ask if I could cook. I made rice with egg rolls and when I was done, mom and dad came home, perfectly timed. We ate and after dinner I went straight upstairs, took a shower and after that I immediately fell asleep under my black covers with white dots.

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