Chapter 14 - Everything Is Uncharted

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I'm waiting until Barry's done chatting with Wally before I talk to him again. Because I want to talk to him about stuff his family doesn't need to hear. He did kind of drop it and run, the bombshell about him maybe having gotten me pregnant. Well, no, he didn't do that. Not exactly. I'd say it's out of his character. Like, completely.

That said, though, I can't stick around long enough to talk anyway. Not when I get texts from J'onn and Winn telling me I'm needed back in National City ASAP. Well, this date couldn't last forever. And hey, I can take Conner back with me and whatever the DEO boys need me for, they can need him too.

I feel like it takes forever just to say goodbye to Barry. Not only to wait for him to have a spare moment long enough, but then to actually tell him, without alerting the Wests surrounding him, what I want to talk to him about. In the end, I don't even have to tell him. He simply leans over and whispers in my ear, "FaceTime me later?"

Like we're a couple of teenagers, as Alex might say. Hell, we pretty much are, with our level of maturity sometimes. And yet we also have adult maturity levels mixed in too. Teendults? I guess that happens when we're a meta and an alien. Our psychology doesn't quite match the usual profile for people our age. But is there such a "usual profile?" Who decided which millennial set the baseline? Even though, technically, I'm not a millennial, but let's not go into that temporal nonsense.

But what takes the longest, of course, is Barry kissing me. Only a couple of seconds or so in real time, but I swear, that's when my previously-unknown time dilation powers kick in and stretch that moment out into sweet, blissful infinity.

What takes an actual two seconds, though, is me telling Barry in my best Ahnold voice, "I'll be back."

And then it takes as many as ten seconds for him to spend two guffawing. Wally's the first West to catch that infectious bug he's got. I knew there was something I liked about that guy. He looks, to me, like the sweetest West of them all. No wonder Conner's been not-so-surreptitiously checking him out all this time. And unless I miss my guess, the checking out is reciprocal. Though that may just be me on shipper's brain because I've been kissing Barry again and losing a little rationality for it. I'm such a silly Supergirl sometimes.

After Barry, I say goodbye to Clark and Diana, who are going back to Metropolis to conduct some business of their own. Something to do with this mysterious Aquaman, an Atlantean I think I met in passing my first time in Metropolis with Barry. He didn't stick around long, and I already wish I could go out east to meet him for real.

But this is when I'm not being a silly Supergirl. Home calls.

Conner and I make great time coming home to National City. Only about two hours. And we're not even burned out afterwards. It's because the sun is shining strongly on all of California today, with no clouds or rain anywhere to be seen. Supergirl and Superboy, supercharged!

Winn blinks in surprise when he and J'onn greet us. "How'd you get here so fast?" he asks. "We weren't expecting you for another hour at least."

"Don't complain when the stars align for us, Agent Schott," says J'onn. To me, he adds, "We've got a visitor, and she's asking for you by name."

Conner looks up at me with wide eyes. "Please tell me it's not this Earth's Lena Luthor."

"More likely Cat Grant looking to interview Supergirl," I say. "And wonder where 'Keira' is to get her that Flash coffee she's fallen in love with lately."

"None of the above," Winn says. "You wanna tell them, boss, or should I?"

J'onn winces, as he always does whenever Winn - or anyone else, for that matter, but usually it's Winn - calls him "boss." "You were with Diana Prince on your last mission, right?" he asks, like he doesn't know.

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