That sonuvabitch. Damn David and his magic hands. Before she knew it her anger at him was washed away as he bathed and massaged her in the tub. Then before she knew it again she was out shopping with his mother, sister and bitch face before she had a chance to get into it with him where this 'relationship' was going and if went anywhere anyways considering how invested his mother was about it.

If she had to be truthful, the idea that his mother accepted her scared her more than assuming she hadn't made her angry. She was the complete opposite of his sister June and his bitch face cousin-in-law. She glanced around the table at the michelin restaurant they went to after their shopping spree. She couldn't remember the name of the place but it was fancy and had the fancy china and linen and menus to match.

Felicite' didn't fit in. She was more Chipotle, Cava, Bonefish, Sweetwater and PF Chang's. Until this moment, surrounded by David's sister and mother, the fanciest and most expensive restaurant she ate at was Maggiano's. The only thing keeping her from feeling even more of an outsider was how these two amazing women completely welcomed her into the fold without hesitation. Bitch face as soon as she completed her mission of having bag, bags and bags of clothing, shoes and jewelry enough to circle the globe. When Virginia also offered to have lunch later bitch face took it as her cue to leave. Thankfully, the woman thought eating was below her. And Felicite' was happy to see her need to eat a burger back go.

More importantly, what was she going to do about David? Can a one-night stand turn into more? Could she even call what happened last night a one-night stand? Worse, she clearly wasn't sticking like glue like she was supposed to. Even more baffling was Bea's mysterious text while changing into a backless dress Virginia picked out for her to try. Felicite' was so busy going through the motions as she thought over and over on what her next should be that she hadn't called her back yet. That's what she get from getting blinded by lust and lots, lots, lots of good sex.

Felicite' sighed and spooned a little bit of her creme brulee.

"Sorry. And thank you," said June, pulling Felicite' out of her whirling thoughts.


A small smile played on June lips and she nodded to her mother across from them who was on the phone.

"Word of advice. Just roll with it."

"David said something similar this morning."

"Yeah. I suggest you listen to him. He's been dealing with mom's grandbaby madness for awhile. Just let her think you're with her on it. Of course she won't believe you and will continue bringing it up in the hopes in the long run you actually agree with her."

"Sounds neverending."

"Cuz it is. So good luck."

Felicite' shook her head. This was madness. "What I don't get it is why she's not coming after you."

A heart wrenching pain flickered in her eyes but it went away. Yet not fast enough for Felicite' to believe her nonchalant shrug, "I have difficulty getting pregnant. Made peace with it. Was thinking about adopting."

"I think you'll make a good mom."

"I hope so." An abrupt sound from Mrs. Johnson brought their attention. "Though a little less nutty."

"What do you mean you won't be able to play? This is outrageous!"

Felicite' watched transfixed as before her eyes Mrs. Johnson transformed into some ice demon warrior goddess as she tore a new one to whoever was on the other line of her call. If she'd never been there to witness it she wouldn't have been to accept the sweet, nutty and meddling Virginia Johnson she'd been around for two days was the same woman before her.

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