David woke up the next morning to find heaven in his arms. And his cock as hard as a stone pressing on her belly. Felicite' was still sleeping -in fact he'd been awake watching her for over an hour- looking like a well loved angel on his chest. All his life he'd never seen her with a wrinkle, a misplaced button, hair out of place or a stain on her clothing. Her thick hair was tangled and flattened on one side. She had sheet and pillow marks on her cheek and arm.

He was looking at a Felicite' without the pomp and primp. Raw and sated and far more beautiful. He wanted to fuck her as much as possible and chain her to his bed, to gaze at her unvarnished beauty.

And oh how he wished he could slide inside her right now. But he couldn't. He'd already taken her two more times during the night, rutting at her like an animal. His only excuse that he was so overwhelmed with her soft skin, her wonderful hands wandering around his body, those fantastic full lips on his he became numb to his conscious. She was a virgin. Had been until he took her virginity.

He still couldn't believe it. His heart swelled with something he couldn't explain but it made him want to beat against his chest and roar. And it was followed by the tiniest bit of relief she'd never slept with his cousin while they dated briefly in high school. His jaw hardened and once again David wished he could've punched Jeff's face in back then. The only thing that stopped him was Felicite' busting into the room and halting the beating he deserved. And then her tears and crumpled face wrecked them and before she dashed back out and into the throng of other students, he'd instinctively known she believed he was part of the bet too.

Everything changed since then.

Felicite' hummed and her leg ran up and down his leg, bringing him out of the past and into the present.

"Hhhmm. Morning." Her hand rubbed his pec, making it flex from her touch, then wandered lovingly down the grooves of his abs to his erection. She gripped him, squeezed tight before stroking him up and down. Chuckling, she said, "Morning to this too."

"You're killing me Felicite'", David groaned.

"Killing you?" Using her deft fingers, she stroked him from his base to his head, her thumb circling the slit in his head. David's eyes rolled to the back of his head. And before he could stop her, she was straddling over and rocking her hips against his cock. Coating it with her slick, hot heat. "Seems alive to me. Alive and ready to go."

With sheer strength of will David stopped himself from thrusting himself up inside her. Instead he held on to her hips, stopping her movement. His cock twitched painfully, wanting to sink into her warmth as badly as he but with with what little blood that hadn't left his head to his erection, kept him sane enough to know, regretfully, that he was doing the right thing. A stupid thing, if his cock could talk.

Taking drastic measures David rolled Felicite' until she was beneath, her squeals of surprise and breathlessness doing horrible things to his libido. He pinned her arms and legs down while hovering above her. Doing his best to ignore her struggles to take him and his shaft straining and growing bigger to reach her as well, he looked down at her and asked the one question that's been on his mind all night.

"Why didn't you tell me you were a virgin?"

He watched as every muscle in her body clench. She stopped rocking her hips and the desire that was blazing in her fires were banked like spraying water on charcoals.

In a flat monotone voice that didn't sound like her at all, she looked right through him as she said, "All you had to say was you're done with me now. Let me up."

Done with her? Was she insane?

"There's no way in hell I'm done with you," he growled. Her doe eyes widened even more and David sighed in relief that she was truly looking at him. The dead look in her eyes had him scared for a moment. His stomach clenched as he leaned forward and pressed his entire body onto her soft curves.

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