Felicite' stood outside David's door wondering for the thousandth time what she was doing here when she remembered last night.

Bea's voice floated into her ear as if she was standing right there.

"You need to stick to him like glue."

Felicite''s heart pounded a slow, booming thud in her ears at the thought of being in such close proximation with her high school crush turned sexy detective. Lips dry she licked them nervously and hoped her friends couldn't tell how off balance she felt.

"What? Why?" She didn't think she can be around him long enough before her body betrayed her, making her throw herself at him. It would be embarrassing when he'll obviously turn her down.

"You'll be each other's talismans of sorts," added Layla.

Jenna nodded. "You can't do this alone. You'll need each other."

"So like I said, stick to the man like glue. And always keep your phone on you."

Felicite' came out of the memory and sighed. That's right. She was standing here because her friends convinced her. They all had visions that working together with David will get better results than working alone.

Getting over her worries she raised her hand and pressed the doorbell. A lyrical ding dong rang and seconds passed but no one answered the door.

Her body hummed with dread and disappointment. Ever since last night, no long before that, since she met him again, she'd been battling between her body's irrational want for him and all the rational reasons why they wouldn't work.

Feeling stupid Felicite' looked around and breathed a sigh of relief that any of his neighbors had stepped out and asked what she was doing here. She made to knock again when she remembered that this weekend was his mother's birthday so he might not even be home.

Spurred from the thought of possibly being turned at the gate if she had to go find him at Johnson manor she rang the bell again and hoped he hadn't left yet. The door remained closed and she heard the distant clang of jail cell again like bell tolls.

"Damn," Felicite' mumbled under her breath as she tried not to panic. Panicking usually led to doing dumb shit you wouldn't have done if you were thinking clearly. And she needed to think clearly. The man wasn't home and she needed to reach him. He'd given her his number which she didn't take but Bea did. A number she memorized when no one was looking.

Buoyed she dug in her purse for her phone. Head bent down, she brushed the end of her thick hair momentarily covering the screen behind her ear, swiped to unlock and went to phone to tap his number. She was so concentrated on what she was doing and willing the call to go through she never noticed that the door opened and her name was called in a voice that made all her lady parts sit up and pant for a treat. Preferably something done with his mouth and tongue and cock.

Felicite''s eyes widened in shock before traveling up from large, lightly tanned feet and up muscular calves and thighs dusted with dark blonde hair that could support a woman for hours as he fucked her standing up and against a wall. Passed a towel wrapped low around a tapered waist and showing off the V of his waist that begged a woman to lick its path down to the more than nice and adequately sized bulge hiding underneath the white terry cloth. Then up the tight six pack abs, tight massive biceps and pecs that led to the kind of broad shoulders a woman could sink her nails into as he pounded into her and made her scream his name. And up at last to a golden scruffy beard, a strong jaw and firm lips made to be between a woman's thighs and eat her pussy. To piercing blue eyes that darkened to a stormy dark blue when looking at a woman he wants.

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