The girls were sleeping over at Felicite''s place. Of course when they all gathered around the table to come up with their next plan of action Bea had to derail things by asking about what was going on with her and the detective.

"You gonna try to get your Scandal on?"

Layla laughed while Jenna sat back, grinned and took a sip of the red wine. Apparently they all were in some kind of delusional agreement that something was really going on between them. Yeah right. Only in her teenage fantasies. And perhaps the brief moments when she'd accidentally brushed up against them. But that's all those were. Fantasies. Not reality. There was no way something like that would ever happen. Or make any sense. They were so different in every way imaginable.

His family can trace their ancestry to the Mayflower. Her ancestry went as far to a plantation in the south. His family practically founded their town and were involved in every committee of importance. And the man came from money. A buttload of money. Trust fund money. Her family weren't poor but they waffled around somewhere between upper lower class and middle class. Felicite' herself only made it to middle class status because of her consulting business as a psychic. Something she kept lowkey about and is kept in business through word of mouth. And the occasional jobs with the FBI to help solve a case of provide insight to a case.

In fact the only thing they did have in common were their desire to help others. Not including their unfortunate connection to his cousin.

Felicite' shuddered. It took years after dumping his douche cousin to figure out why she went out with him the first place. He shared the same blonde hair and blue eyes as David. Though he was shorter, leaner and less muscular than his cousin. He was always second place in academics, sports and popularity.

So shy, loner and much too curvy teen Felicite' never thought in a million years she'd ever grabbed his attention. Looking back on things now she realized she went out with him because never in a billion years would David ever notice her. So she settled for the million possibility.

But that was the past. Now was the present where her future was at stake.

"First, if you must know we went to the same middle school and high school." She looked around her friends, eagerly waiting to hear more, like they were high school sweethearts. "Two, we never went out or will ever date. And three, we have more important things to do. Like keeping me from going to prison for a crime I didn't commit. Because I don't care if orange is the new black, I would not look good in that color."

"Not funny," all three declared at the same time.

"Wasn't trying to be. Sorry. But can we move on now?"

Layla and Jenna nodded yeah and reached out to either hand and squeezed. "Of course," said Jenna.." We'll do whatever we can."

Their heads turned together towards Bea. "Fine. I'll stop with the teasing. For now. I think there's something there worth looking into. But I'll get on your case about it after we prove your innocence."

"Thank you."

"Besides, we got four black powerful women gifted with ESP. This is black girl magic at its finest. You'll be a free woman before you know it."

Tonight seemed to be a night of getting misty eyed. It wasn't until this moment, looking around her friends, when she was glad she went to the holistic psychic expo four years ago. Being surrounded by people like her, mediums and others interested in the holistic lifestyle not only centered her and made her accept her gift. But she found Layla, Bea and Jenna that weekend. All visiting form the DMV. As if it was fate. And maybe it was.

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