Chapter 4

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Luke's Pov:
I walked over to Beth, and basically eye-fucked her. I smirk to myself. This is going to be fun. I walk around Beth, and check out her ass, spanking it a couple times.

"Ok slave. All the hate for me has vanished. All you think about is me pleasuring you, and you pleasuring me. Understand!" I say.

"Yes Master, all hatred is gone. Only think about being pleasured and pleasuring the Master..." Beth says, completely mindless.

"Good. Now, take your shirt and skirt off." I order.

"Yes Master..." She obeys what I say.

I look at her see-through lingerie, and I already wanted to pound her. I tell Beth to lay in the bed, her legs spread wide. When Beth has done that, I rub her pussy.

"Beg me to finger you, slave!" I growl.

"Please Master, finger my pussy I've been a bad bad slave~" She continues to beg.

I snapped my fingers and she stops. I order her to strip me completely naked and she obeys once she has stripped me naked, I rip off her lingerie. I sit down in the bed, and look at Beth.

"Turn around and shake your ass in the air!" I order.

Beth obeys.

She shakes her ass in the air, and I slap it from time to time. Soon I get bored of that, and make her stop.

"Whenever I touch you, you will instantly Moan Master sexily, and you will cum... You will do it over and over if I keep touching you, but stop if I'm not touching you." I say.

"Yes Master..." She replies.

I grab her hips, listening to her Moan Master and cum. As she does this, I force her into my dick. I watch Beth for a second, before I force her to ride me. Making her just Moan now, she is forced to ride me fast and hard.

"Faster and Harder Slave!" I command.

Beth obeys.

After a while I decide we should go for a shower. Although, only for me to fuck her even more. I make Beth get the shower ready, as I stare at her body. Once we are both in the shower, I push her up against the wall.

"Master is going to fuck you so hard, you won't be walking!" I growl sexily into her ear.

I force her to face me, and lift her up against the shower wall. I shove my dick into her pussy, and pound into her. Each thrust harder and faster, until I release my cum into her pussy. But I don't stop yet. I flip her body around, and ram into her fucking sexy ass. I pound into her ass, until I release my cum into her again. Once I'm done, I force her onto her knees. I shove my dick into her mouth, and make her deep throat my dick. Making her suck it real good, otherwise I'll punish her.

"Ok slave. Clean up and get out!" I state, getting out of the shower.

I dried myself, and put no clothes on. I grabbed a towel for Beth, and dried her. I decided she was going to bed naked, because, it would be easier to fuck her that way.

I grabbed her hand and put her into the bed. I grabbed boxes and a shirt, putting it on me. I snapped my fingers, Beth was out like a light. I decided to go have some fun with Chase's slave, Chloe. Apparently she's a fucking goddess, a sex goddess at that.

I walked into to see Chase asleep, and Chloe was also asleep. I crept over to Chloe and knelt down by her head.

"Chloe. You hear my voice, and know you must also obey me. When I touch you, you will awaken and follow me out of this room..." I whisper into her ear.

I touch her arm, and she instantly awakens. We exit the room, and I look at what she is wearing. A very revealing lingerie as her pajamas. I take her to the same room I left Beth in, and I force Beth to put the same thing as Chloe on, but different colors.

"You both obey me and Chase. We are your Masters." I state, and the girls nod.

"Chloe, I want you to deep throat my dick. Beth, go back to bed!" I order.

"Yes Master." The girls reply.

Chloe strips me naked, and begins to deep throat my dick, while Beth goes to bed. I stare at Chloe's sexy body, and can't help but want her as my own slave.

"Chloe, I want you to sit on my dick." I order.

"Yes Master." She replies.

Chloe stands up and positions herself on my dick. She is facing me, and my dick is fully in her pussy. I force Chloe to have a full make-out session with me. I licked her bottom lip, asking for entrence. Chloe opened her mouth, and my tongue explored every inch of her mouth.

We continued to make-out for a little longer before I pulled away. With Chloe still on my dick, I brought her back to Chase's room. I decided to have some fun. Chloe now was forced to deep throat my dick again, as I did something to Chase.

"Chase, when I snap my fingers you will be under my control!" I say to him.

I snap my fingers, and Chase sits up. He's completely under my control now, and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

"You no longer want Chloe as your slave, you would rather Beth. So you will go to Beth's room, and once you get there you will awaken from your trance. You will believe that Chloe was never your slave, and was always mine. You will only remember Beth being your slave and that is it." I say.

"Yes Master..." Chase says.

I snapped my fingers. Beth already knew to obey Chase only, and now Chloe only obeys me. I can't believe I have Chloe as my slave.

"Chloe when I snap my fingers, you will stop deep throating me. Instead, you will put my boxes on me and my shirt, then get into bed and fall asleep!" I say.

"Yes Master." Chloe replied.

I snap my fingers, and Chloe instantly does exactly as I told her. Once she was asleep, I flip the light off, and climb into bed with her. I force her into my chest, fingering her once more, before going to sleep with her in my arms.

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