Stranger person identity

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" Kufufu she is the best candidate to become future queen" Stranger said

" Mukuro sama did you find something interesting?" A driver saw Mukuro using rear mirror in limousine and asked

" It's a secret" Mukuro put his finger on his lips

" I see! I hope Mukuro sama enjoy" A driver said

" Yes" Mukuro said

" Did I need to inform king or Kyoya sama?" Mukuro in deep thought

" Kufufu I know I need to inform her apperance and kindness to king" Mukuro mumble

After few hours later~

" Mukuro sama is arrive" One of the palace staff inform Mukuro arrival

Mukuro step out from limousine

" Welcome Mukuro sama"

" Thank you" Mukuro express his gratitude

Mukuro started walked toward King place

After few minutes later~

One of two guard who guard the king place saw Mukuro

" I need to inform King" Mukuro said

" Hai Mukuro sama"

One of the guard inform the king Mukuro arrival

" King, Mukuro sama is here"

" Please come in" King answer

" Mukuro sama can enter" One of the guard inform Mukuro

Mukuro enter and started walked toward king

Mukuro bowed infront of the king

" How your job?" King asked

" I already inform all the school to participate for tomorrow event in palace" Mukuro answer

" Good" King stasfies

" Mukuro did you find any girl who suitable for my son?" King asked

" Yes" Mukuro answer

" Did you know her name?" King asked

" I dunno her name but I'm sure she is suitable to be future queen" Mukuro answer

" I see that interesting" King excited

" I'm just only want a kind girl who really suitable to be my son bride" King said

" King will a catch a glimpse of her tomorrow" Mukuro answer

" Dismiss, please have a rest in your own bedroom" King said

" Hai king" Mukuro bowed

Mukuro started walked toward outside king place

" Good job Mukuro sama" One of the guard said

" Thank you" Mukuro express his gratitude

" Where I want to go next?" Mukuro in thought

A voice call Mukuro

" Mukuro nii chan"

Mukuro turn his face to owner of voice

" Chrome hime"

Chrome hug Mukuro

" Chrome hime did I said not call me nii chan I am not your brother" Mukuro said

" But... My brother will scold me if I am not call you nii chan" Chrome pounting

" I am sorry Chrome hime" Mukuro patted Chrome hair

" Chrome hime why you here alone?" Mukuro asked

" I miss you Mukuro nii chan" Chrome said

" Thank you Chrome hime"

" Mukuro nii chan bring me to the dining hall I'm hungry" Chrome touch her body

" Pftt Chrome hime is funny let go to dining hall together"

" Hooray" Chrome excited

Mukuro hold a small hand of Chrome


See you next time~

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