Invitation to palace

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Tamami, Hayato,Tsuna get in the class

" I thought we will late to class" Tamami have smile expression on her face

Makes Hayato blushing redder

" Hayato are you okay?" Tsuna have worried expression on her face

" I am okay Tsunahime"

" Why? Why? Even she beside me my heart feeling weird" Hayato in deep thought

" Hayato" Tamami in front of Hayato

" I am jealous" All in the class mind saw Hayato and Tamami

The class sliding door open

" Class please have a seat"

All in the class seat on their own chair

" I have annoucement from school principal"

" What is it sensei?" One of boy in the class asked

" All girl will have opportunity to come over in palace!!" Homeroom teacher shout excited

All the girl in the class excited the news they recieve

" What about us the boy?" One boy in the class stand up

" Only for the girl" Homeroom teacher said

" Tsunahime I can't protect you if only you can enter the palace" Hayato turn his face and have sad expression on his face as he get the news he receive

" Hayato did you forget about me, I can protect Tsunahime in your place" Tamami heard Tsuna, Hayato chatting and turn her face

As Tamami turn her face Hayato turn his face other side

" If anything happen to me, you will protect me and Tsuna right" Tamami said

" Of course I will rescue both of you" Hayato said with courage

" Thank you Hayato" Tamami express her gratitude

" Welcome Tamami" After Hayato express he turn his face other side

" Why? I can only stand look her face only three minutes" Hayato confuse

All the boy in the class gloomy

" And the girl will have opportunity to marry oldest prince and become the next queen" Homeroom teacher add one of information

Talisa Reo stand up " I will be the next queen make sure all of you bowed me" Talisa laugh

" And Ugly Tsuna please do not come to palace or you will dirty your ugliness in palace" Talisa laugh loudly

Only wind echoes in the class as all in the class silent

" Tamami let kill her right away" Hayato boiling inside and turn his face to Tamami

Tamami nod of Hayato suggestion

" I'm okay, I have both of you it enough for me in my life" Tsuna have smile expression on her face

" Tsunahime" Hayato felt touching of Tsuna words

" Tsuna" Tamami also felt touching of Tsuna words

" Let go to the playground after school with Lambo,Fuuta and I-pin" Tsuna invite

" I will inform my dad first" Hayato have sparkling expression on his face

" Hai Tsuna"

" Please have seat Talisa" Homeroom teacher said

" Sensei when the date going to the palace" Talisa asked

" This weekend on saturday" Homeroom teacher inform

" And the invitation card will distribute tomorrow" Homeroom teacher said

" Let continue our lesson" Homeroom teacher said

" I want papa and mama buy me a beautiful dress to seduce the oldest prince" In Talisa mind


See you next time

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