Wonderful Journey {Part 2}

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Like by Jennierubyjane,sooyaaa_,lalalalisa_m,roses_are_rosie and 3,228,446 others

Taeyonglee95 You look beautiful enough babe @Jennierubyjane . He will be here soon. To our little one,please dont hurt your mommy at night,let her sleep peacefully. I felt sorry for her,she's not having enough sleep because of her backpain and cramps. I wish i could take all the pain from you Jen. A week left,then he will be here. Love you a lot my wife. Thank you for everything.

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Jennierubyjane I wished for that too. But thank you for staying with me when i cant sleep. I love you too my boo.
Taeyonglee95 Do you still feel any backpain?

Jennierubyjane Yes and it's really hurt.

Taeyonglee95 I will go home soon as i finished my schedules.

Jennierubyjane Cant wait to see you at home. Be safe and careful oppa. Dont hurt your waist again 😘😘

Jenyongforever Auwwww... I can feel the sweetness from both of you. Your little one will grown up in a great family.
Taeyonglee95 Thank you for your support on our small family. Will keep updating about our little one.

Jenyongforever It's a pleasure to keep supporting you as you were so sweet and thank you for a great care about our Jennie. Both of you deserve each other.

Taeyonglee95 I hope i can meet all the fans too. Jennie will be so happy when she know her blinks were keep supporting her.

Jenyongforever Known you for almost 10 years. Please keep being healthy.

Taeyonglee95 Thank you so much and i will 🙏🙏🙏

BlackCT Yuta and Jisoo are getting marriage,you will had a baby in a weeks. Nothing more happier than this moments. Hope to heard another great news from Jaehyun,Rosé,Ten and Lisa.
Taeyonglee95 Thank you for your support 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I believe @Jaehyun97 Will have a great news for you soon.

Jaehyun97 Yeah. A very good news!! 👏👏👏

sooyaaa_ Yea!!!! Cant wait to see my nephew!!
Jennierubyjane Me too!!!! Cant wait to see my son

Taeyonglee95 Not only you 👏👏👏


Jennie was calming herself. Her belly felt so tight and she keep having backpain. She wished for Taeyong to be arrived soon. She felt like she will delivered the baby today.

"I'm home. Babe. Where are you?"She let out her heavy breath as soon as she heard her husband's voice. She try to stand up,but a pain struck over her lower abdomen. She sit back on the bed. She hold her lower abdomen and bit her lips.

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