Chapter 2

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~Ziva's pov~

They walked into the squadroom, where McGee was waiting for them. She was still holding the baby, who's name was still unknown. Until McGee spoke.
'I called Child Services, they said they could pick up the baby tomorrow, until then, you two will have to take care of her,' he said grinning, 'her name is Sarah and she's only 1 year old.' She looked down at the baby in her arms, who was still sleeping. It was a beautiful baby: she had a pale white skin and dark brown hair. Her eyes were emerald green (she had had the chance to take a look at them when they arrested her mother, the baby wouldn't stop crying, until she managed to calm her down), she had long eyelashes and a small nose. She was sleeping with a little smile on her face, a smile that made her heart melt a little bit. She smiled too, but returned to a poker face as soon as she noticed that Tony an McGee were looking at her. She cleared her troat.
'Is there anything to investigate, or is a convession the only thing that we need right now?' McGee shook his head. 'Abby's comparing the bullets to see if they are exactly the same. She said the bullets found in the dead husband's head had some kind of... Special mark. She'll tell us when she knows more.' She nodded.
'I'm going to the lab to see if i can help with anything.' And with those words McGee walked away, leaving Tony, her and the baby alone in the squadroom. Tony came closer to them, bending over a bit to look at the baby. 'So we'll have to take care of her...' His voice was a little unsteady. She smiled as she looked up, he was really nervous about this! 'Do you want to hold her?' she asked teasingly. He looked at her, a scared look on his face. 'I'll pass,' he said as he took a step back. She shook her head an chuckled. That's when the baby slowly opened her beautiful eyes, looked at her and then smiled. She smiled back at the little girl and stroked her cheek, causing the baby to scream a little in pleasure. She laughed and heard Tony laugh too.
She made a bet for herself. She would get him to hold the baby...

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