Chapter 3

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Chloe's Pov:
I was laying on the bed, my legs spread apart, as Master was looking for something. When he grabbed it, he came over to me.

"Sit up, legs still spread apart." Master says.

"Yes Master." I reply.

I sit up, on the edge of the bed, and spread my legs wide again. I felt Master put a collar around my neck, along with a chain attached to it. Master then forced me to deep throat his dick, while I had to shove 3 fingers in my pussy and finger myself.

Master made me do this for a while, before making me stand up.

"See this chain, this chain and the collar is so you know your my slave, and you only listen and obey me." Master explains.

"Yes Master..." I reply, before he takes it off, leaving the collar on.

"I want you to strip me naked." Master orders, and I obey.

Once I have completely stripped Master naked, he takes me to the room next to us. When we entered there is a girl chained to the bed, a dildo shoved in her mouth, a buttplug shoved in her ass, a vibrator shoved in her pussy, and her cum all over the bed sheets.

"Chloe, I want you to become so horny and wet at the sight of Beth, that you will cum as soon as I snap my fingers." Master says.

"Yes Master..." I reply.

I hear Master snap his fingers, and I released my cum. It dripped down my leg and onto the floor. Master snapped his fingers again, in which I cummed again. Master snapped his fingers 5 more times, in which I cummed, 5 more times.

"Beth, stop what you are doing." Master says, and Beth stops cumming.

Master unchained her, taking out the vibrator, dildo and buttplug, before forcing us both to clean up the mess Beth made when she cummed, and the cum I dripped when Master told me to cum. Once we finished, we stood in front of Master, who was sitting on the bed.

"Chloe, sit on my dick, and don't move." Master orders.

"Yes Master." I obey, and sit on his dick.

"Beth, when I snap my fingers, your going to do an extremely sexy and naughty dance. Chloe I want you to watch Beth." Master orders.

"Yes Master." We both obey.

Master snaps his fingers, and Beth begins to dance sexily and naughty. I stared at Beth, not blinking, just like Master said to. Beth danced for a while, before Master spoke up.

"Beth, when I snap my fingers, you will fall asleep." Master says.

Master waits a couple seconds, before snapping his fingers. Beth instantly falls to the ground, asleep. Master smirks, and forces me to face him, without getting off his dick.

"When I grind against your pussy, which is still on my dick, you moan. Undertood!" Master states.

"Yes Master!" I reply.

I feel Master grind against me, and I moaned. As Master continued to grind against me, I continued to moan. As this happened, Master began to play with my breasts, before shoving a huge dildo into my mouth.

"You think this is my dick, your going to deep throat it. Hard and fast!" Master orders, and I obey.

I begin to deep throat the dildo, Hard and fast. Master forced me to sit on the bed, legs spread wide, as I continue to suck the dildo.

"You can picture me fucking you so rough, your going to become so horny and wet, you shove the dildo further into your mouth!" Master orders, and I do that.

Chase's Pov:
While Chloe has the dildo shoved in her mouth, her legs are spread apart. I smirk, grabbing the vibrator and buttplug. I walked back over to Chloe and told her to stop.

"Remember what you are supposed to do when Master is busy?" I ask, and she nods.

"Lay on the bed with my legs spread wide apart. Must have a buttplug shoved up my ass, a vibrator on high, shoved up my pussy, one hand playing with my breasts, my other hand holding the dildo as I deep throat it. Must be thinking of Master fucking me, and must be really horny and wet!" Chloe replies, and I smirk.

"Good, now get to work!" I state.

Chloe shoves the buttplug into her ass, and shoves the vibrator into her pussy. I put the vibrator on Max, before I grab the dildo. Chloe had one hand playing with her breasts, the other hand, waiting to hold the dildo.

"Open your mouth!" I snap, and she obeys.

I shove the dildo into her mouth, and quickly force her to suck on it. I then tell her she must imagine me fucking her so good, she doesn't want me to stop. Once she's doing that, I lift Beth into my arms, and walk downstairs into her room.

I snapped my fingers, and Beth woke up. She instantly stood up and waited for me to give her a command.

"Beth, I want you to put the clothes that are on your bed on. Once you are done that, I want you to stand in front of me!" I order.

"Yes Master!" She obeys.

Beth gets dressed into the see-through white lingerie I put onto the bed. She then grabs the white short short skirt, which you can basically see her ass through. She then grabs the white half-top and puts it on. I undo the top button of her shirt, clearly showing her breasts and lingerie bra.

"I'm going to call someone over. You absolutely hate then, but you don't care right now do you?" I say.

"No Master, I don't care..." Beth replies.

"Good. I want you to be extremely horny and wet when you see him ok?" I order.

"Yes Master. I must be extremely horny and wet when I see him..." Beth replies.

Soon the guy walked in. His name is Luke. I looked over at Beth, who was looking at Luke. Beth looked extremely wet and horny.

"You obey both me and Luke. You will refer to both of us as Master." I tell Beth.

"Yes Master Chase..." Beth replies.

"She's all yours..." I say to Luke, walking off.

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