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jonathan carried his younger brother from the house and into the shed. he placed him to sit on a chair, and macy helped tying him up so he wouldn't escape. macy looked at will's face as she tied the knots around his wrists. she gulped at how pale he looked; how weak he seemed to be.

she held will's hand for a split moment, and sighed. "we'll bring you back will. i know it."

they turned the lights on so it would shine brightly on his face when he wakes. there was another chair in front of him, where joyce would be seated down to question him.

hopper asks joyce if she's ready, and she nods. hopper had a bottle of ammonia in his hand, shaking it lightly. he opened the bottle, spilling some onto a cotton ball. hopper holds that cotton ball right under will's nose. will gasps and opens his eyes, being exposed to the lights in front of him.

mike, macy, max, dustin, lucas, nancy, and steve all stayed behind and stayed inside the house in case anything happens.

macy and mike sat together in will's room. macy was laid back on will's bed while mike was sitting on his desk chair.

"so i have a question," macy said and mike turned his head, "why do you hate my sister so much?"

"i don't hate her," mike says.

"let me rephrase that. why do you dislike my sister so much?" macy responds, waiting for a valid answer from mike. mike sighed as he played with the rubix cube in his hand, while macy stared at him.

"maybe it's because i'm not over el being the only girl in our party. so now, it kind of feels like i'd replace el so easily if max was in our party," mike explained.

"but i'm in your party. how is max any different?" macy replied.

"because i can actually tolerate you, okay? max is too stubborn all the time and i've always felt more comfortable with you," mike says, "as a friend. don't think i'm talking about you in a relationship way.."

macy nods, "i know, wheeler. but max being stubborn is who she is; ever since billy became her brother. it'll take time to get comfortable with her, if you at least try."

mike sighed. he didn't sigh because he was done with listening to her try and fix things, but he sighed because she was right. he never really gave max a chance ever since they met. he knew he should change that.

"you're right," mike looked up, "thanks mace."

the lights all around the house started flickering, catching everyone's attention. their eyes watched as each light flickered off beat. after a few moments though, all of the lights went back to normal.

"was that will?" macy asks.

"not just will," mike claimed, "but the mind flayer too."

a door opens and then slams. macy and mike rush out of will's room to see the commotion, noticing hopper grabbing a piece of paper and a pen to write something down.

"what happened?" macy asked, "is he there? did he talk?"

"he talked, just not with words." hopper answered the girl. hopper began to write random dots and a line, just to find out what it was will was "saying".

"what is that?" steve asks.

"morse code," all the boys said.

under the dots and line, it read the word "here". macy gasped, a small smile forming as she knew that will was still there. she had kept onto hope that will would finally be back.

"here," everyone read from the paper.

"will's still in there. he's talking to us," hopper placed the pen down.

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