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( chapter twenty two: eleven )


"we want to too, joyce, but we don't know what exactly we're dealing with here." hopper has his hands on joyce's shoulders, looking into her eyes.

"if anyone knows how to destroy this thing; it's will," mike walks towards where will was laying on the couch, "he's connected to it. he'll know its weakness."

macy turns to max when she says, "i thought we couldn't trust him anymore. that he's a spy for the mind flayer now."

macy's eyes land on will. she was sitting on the couch next to will, staring at him as everyone was talking. she could see how much he suffered, this shadow monster taking over him ever since she met him.

"yeah, but he can't spy-"

"if he doesn't know where he is," macy finishes mike's sentence, mike pointing at her as if he was agreeing with her, "i have an idea of where we can keep him."

macy walks out of the byers residence, making her way towards their little wooden shed on the side of their house. hopper grabs her shoulder, stopping her from going inside. he opens it slowly, mike and macy waiting for his response.

"this'll work," hopper states.

the trio began to dump everything out of the shed, clearing it completely in the next ten minutes. nancy and steve began on working to cover the inside of the shed, stapling it to the walls. nancy finished cutting tape from the roll, leaving them on the wall for steve to use later on.

dustin and lucas kicked over a trash can. the two began to rummage through the trash to find newspapers to cover the walls in the shed as well.

macy, max, and mike were all sitting on the floor in the kitchen, in front of the sink. mike was pulling out a bottle of ammonia, max deciding to start a conversation.

"i get why el was your mage now," max started talking to mike. macy eyed the two of them, not understanding what the 'mage' reference was about.

mike turns around to look at her, "what?"

"lucas. he told me all about her." max explained.

"yeah, and he shouldn't have," mike snapped, "and just because you know the truth, doesn't mean you're in our party. you understand that right?"

max was about to speak, but macy wouldn't let her. "but i am?" macy snapped at mike, "what is your problem with max?"

"mace, it's fine," max sighed, "why would you want a stupid zoomer in your party anyway?"

macy looks at max with sympathy, and max continues to talk, "i mean, el? she seems like she's really awesome.."

"she was," mike replied, "but she's gone. so stop bringing her up.. please."

max and macy look at each other, the same questions going through their head at the thought of el being gone forever. mike closes the sink cabinet, and walks away with equipment in his hands.

the sisters walked out of the house, and out back in the shed. the whole crew was working on covering the walls and ceilings, so when they talk to will, he won't know where they were. this was simply a way to talk to will about the mind flayer without him spying on the team.

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