Chapter 2

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Chloe's Pov:
I was waiting for my boyfriend Chase to finish in the bathroom. I was staying at his place for the weekend, and I couldn't wait. I love his house, it's huge and beautiful.

"Hey Babe!" Chase says, walking over to me.

"Hey Chase!" I reply, smiling.

"Slut." Chase states, and my mind went blank.

"I will obey my Master." I say.

"Good girl. Or perhaps, toy?" Master says.

"I am a good toy to my Master." I state, and he smirks.

"Good toy..." Master says.

He walks over to me, and takes my dress off. Underneath I was wearing what Master told me to wear. A lace, see-through white bra and panties.

"Lay on the bed, legs spread apart." Master says.

"Yes Master." I reply, obeying his command.

I lay on his bed, and spread my legs as wide as I could. Once I did that, Master walked over to me, ripping off my bra and panties. Once I was completely naked, Master shoved a vibrator into my pussy. He put it on Max, and then shoved a buttplug into my ass.

"You will be horny and wet all the time, and whenever I'm not pleasuring you, playing with you, or anything, you will have these inside of you, and a Dildo to suck on whenever I please. Understood?" Master explains.

"Yes Master..." I reply.

"Good toy..." Master replies.

Master then walks over to a box, and pulls out a huge dildo. He walks back over and looks at me.

"Now, I have to go do something. I want you to be deep throating this, like it's my dick. Your going to be extremely wet and horny as well. You will picture me fucking you as well." Master explains.

"Yes Master..." I reply, before he shoves the dildo into my mouth.

I use one hand to hold the dildo, and the other Master told me to use to play with my breasts. Master leaves the room, and I continue to deep throat the dildo, while playing with my breasts. The vibrator was still on Max, and the buttplug was still shoved in my ass. Master fucking me in my head, making me horny and wet even more, plus making me think the dildo was his dick, made me suck it harder and deeper.

Chase's Pov:
I walked downstairs, a smirk plastered on my face. Chloe is the best slave I could get, and it was easy to hypnotize her after I got her to be my girlfriend. I entered the kitchen to see my maid, Beth cleaning up.

"Beth..." I say, and she turns.

"Yes sir?" She asks.

"Slut." I say, and she goes into a mindless state, as my slave.

"I live to serve and obey my Master..." Beth says mindlessly.

"Good. Now, strip naked." I command and she obeys.

"Yes Master, I will always obey you!" Beth responds.

I walk over to her, and finger her pussy with one hand, while I shoved 2 fingers from my other hand into her mouth. I added an extra finger into her pussy, pumping her pussy quickly, while she is forced to suck my fingers.

"You think my fingers in your mouth is my dick, you will suck harder and faster. You will also cum when my thumb rubs your clit!" I explain, and she nods.

She starts sucking my fingers harder and faster, almost like she is deep throating them, and I use my thumb to rub her clit. She releases her cum onto my fingers, and the kitchen tiles. I do this for another 5 minutes, before making her clean it up.

After she has it cleaned up, I take her into the room next to mine, where Chloe is. I chain her hands to the bed post, the same with her feet. I shove a buttplug into her ass, and a vibrator into her pussy. Putting the vibrator on Max, I then shove a huge dildo into her mouth.

"I want you to cum over and over. You will begin cumming as soon as I snap my fingers. I also expect you to not make a noise, and that Dildo is to not leave your mouth. If it does, you will be punished!" I explain.

I walk over to the door, and turn around. I snap my fingers loudly, and see Beth's cum pour onto the bed sheets. I smirk, leave the room and close the door. I walk into my bedroom, to see Chloe still doing as I said. She looked so wet, the sheets around her were soaked. Her breasts were hard, and she had the dildo so far in her mouth, I'm surprised she hasn't chocked. The buttplug was still in her ass, while the vibrator, which was still at its max, was still in her pussy.

I walk over to Chloe, and take the vibrator out of her pussy. I do the same to the buttplug, and the dildo, forcing her to lay on her back.

"Tell me you want me to pound into your pussy, toy!" I tell Chloe.

"Master, please pound my Pussy..." Chloe says.

"Beg until I say stop!" I growl.

She begins to beg me, beg me to pound her pussy. I smirk, as I play with her breasts for a little.

"Stop begging. Master will pound your horny wet pussy..." I say, and she stops begging.

I easily slide into her pussy, and begin to pound her, hard and fast. I then forced her to ride me, as I suck on her breasts. I whisper in her ear she has to moan when I make contact with her breasts. I abuse her breasts with kisses, biting, slaps, licks, sucks, squeezes and everything. Chloe moans, like the good slave she is.

"I want you to Moan Master loudly slave, and cum while your at it!" I growl in her ear.

She moans Master quite loudly, as she releases her cum onto my dick. I forced her to clean it up, before making her go to sleep. I the turn the lights off, and cuddle next to my amazing slave.

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