Hey, guys. Sorry I've been putting off writing for a while, just haven't felt like writing a new chapter, that's all! This may be a bit rushed, but I've had an idea for a new story, it's a horror, well, at least I'll try to make it scary. MarbleHornets fans will like it... I think xD 



After recovering from my hangover on the Monday, I returned to school on the Tuesday. My mother had given me some shit once she’d gotten over her concern for me. She had ranted on about how I had made her look like a fool in front of her sister; I rolled my eyes when needed as I slumped over the table, shovelling cereal – my hangover cure – into my mouth.

I was thankful to return to school the next day as I feared my mother would bring the headache back. Having approached Elijah, I gave him the most awkward of smiles, I had avoided walking to school with him – hoping this would make it less awkward between the two of us, but it hadn’t really worked. 

“Hi,” I spoke, though my voice seemed to come off as a growl, clearing my throat, I hoped this would cure the croak in my voice. “How are you?” Again I growled, my voice much rougher than usual. Deciding to shrug it off as a frog in my throat I watched him, waiting for an answer.

“Good,” he said simply, not bothering to bring up the kiss of the fact my voice had went weird. 

Responding with a nod, I then stepped into class for he had gestured for me to do. Seating myself at the back, I couldn’t help but watch as he dragged himself onto the chair beside me. Finally averting my eyes, I stared off at the front, my black hair falling into my grey eyes.

I seemed to zone out as the teacher drabbled on, I fiddled with my fingers constantly, a scratchy feeling occurring in my fingertips, a lot like the one that had happened when I had slashed  Sandra’s cheek, ignoring this too, I stared intently at the desk top. Elijah had noticed, I had felt him glancing over at me all too often, though he never seemed to disturb me, not that I minded. He hadn’t made a move for me, not today. Maybe that kiss had given him the satisfaction he had needed, or maybe he thought it best to lay low for a while. 

The ring of the bell brought me back into reality, my back arching as I woke myself up fully. Dragging myself up off of my chair, I exhaled softly as I followed my friend out into the corridor. 

“Hey,” Elijah spoke up, his tone much less monotone than usual. “You okay?”

Turning to look at him, I nodded numerous times, “Yeah, I’m fine.” 

I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I felt as if something was trying to break out of me, something fierce, though I wasn’t too sure what to think of it, I had never experienced it before. My spine ached, it felt as if it was constantly bending, my senses were messing up, both my hearing and sight seemed to sharpen every now and then. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t dare speak to anyone about it. 

Elijah didn’t push me to answer, he merely shrugged, a soft sigh sounding as he then gave me a small wave before departing to go to his next lesson.

Holding my stomach, as it churned horribly, I staggered out of the corridor, dragging myself across the pavement, I felt as If I would collapse. Not wanting to make a scene, as I hated drawing attention to myself, I crawled into the bushes by the field. Dropping onto my knees, I coiled over, my hair falling into my eyes. Holding my stomach still, I then dropped onto all fours, my neck craning back, my mouth opening as if I was going to roar, but not a single sound was heard as I then dropped onto the soil below me. As I lay there, passed out, I felt a riving pain coursing through my body. It was as if something had sprouted from my lower back, my teeth seemed to pierce my lower lip, and something sharp tore through the skin of my fingertips and toes. Although I had blacked out, I smelt and heard everything around me all too clearly. 

I was finally awoken when Elijah arched over me, tapping my shoulder. Turning to look at him as I forced my eyes open, I wondered how he had found me as I had hidden myself well. Sitting myself up, I rubbed my head, numerous groans sounding.

“Are you okay? When I heard you had missed second lesson I came looking for you.”

That gave me some indication as to how long I had been out, it must have been an hour or so. “I don’t know what happened,” I groaned as I crawled out from the bushes. Forcing myself to my feet, I wavered slightly.

When Elijah saw I had lost my balance, he swept me up into his arms, it seemed as if he hadn’t thought as to what he was doing as he stared at me, his eyebrows furrowed. I didn’t question why he had done, only how he had done it so easily. I wasn’t the lightest of people, yet to him it seemed as if I was a feather. 

Moments of silence passed before he lowered me down onto the grass, stepping aside, his eyes seemed darker than usual. “I best be going.”

Without another word, he walked away, his head lowered. Still a little confused as to what had happened, I headed for lunch, though didn’t think of looking for Elijah, he seemed to have wanted to be away from me, for now anyway. I wanted to know so badly why I had passed out and why I had felt all those things, that wasn’t a normal bug but something so much more. Raising my hand to my line of sight, I inspected the cuts on my fingertips, all of which seemed to be healing rather quickly. Shaking it off, I told myself I would make it through the day before looking deeper into it. 

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