Reiko's POV

"Ahahahaha!You will stuck in your dream forever"-The maid said

"Huh,What was that?"-Me

"Are you okay?"-Airi

"Yes,It's just...."-Me

"A bad dream,Right?"-Airi

"Yes,You're right"-Me

"It's alright.I'm here with you"-Airi

"Thanks.I think I will go out and drink a tea or something"-Me


Then Reiko go out

(At the cafe)

Ryouko's POV

"The coffee here is very delicous"-Reiko

"Miss, Can I sit with you?"-Me


"Thanks.You're Akahana,Right?"-Me

"Yes,I am"-Reiko

"Heres you're tea ma'am"-Waitress no.1

"Thank you"-Me

"Can I ask you something?"-Me


"Did we met before?"-Me


"Because I think I saw you"-Me

"Yes,We already met"-Reiko


"I-in the Shopping place"-Reiko


" Yes.I am that girl"-Reiko

"So you're really reiko.Huh?"-Me


"We need to escape to your dream now.It's happening because you wish that you were the one will die not your sister"-Me


"Even Okumura and Yukiteru were here."-Me

After that Ryouko and Reiko went to Okumura and Yukiteru

''I've finally found Reiko she's with me"-Ryouko

"Good.Know we need to slap Reiko's cheeks over and over again"-Yukiteru

"What did you say?"-Me


"Now were complete.Let's combine our powers to get out on Reiko's Dream"-Okumura

"Yes.Let's Do it!"-The three said

To be Continued

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