Sonic's New Secret Chapter 1

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You were a yellow and black hedgehog and you and your friends were at the picnic enjoying yourselves. You and Sonic had been best friends for years and you have always had a crush on him but every time you hear the word friend come out or his mouth. You feel upset and decided to give up on trying. "This is a lovely day for a picnic Sonic." Y/N said. "It sure is, isn't it?" Sonic asked. "Yeah. I'm glad to be here with you and the others." Y/N said. "Me too." Sonic said. "Suddenly, Rouge came flying towards them." "Hey guys. Hey Knuckie." Rouge said as she winked at him. Knuckles growled softly. "Hi Rouge. How are you?" Y/N asked. "I'm good hun. I just wanted to let you guys know that I have to return home. I'm not feeling well." Rouge said. "Oh ok. Well we'll see you soon Rouge." Blaze said. "Alright bye guys." Rouge said as she blew Knuckles a kiss and then flies away. "That bat will never change." Knuckles said. "That's Rouge for ya." Sonic said. "Let's eat!" Amy said as everyone began to eat. Soon, there was an explosion in town and everyone was screaming for help. "Sounds like Eggman's work. You guys go home. I'll take care of it!" Sonic said. "Are you sure about this Sonic? I don't want you getting hurt." Y/N said. "I'll be fine. I promise." Sonic said as he gave you a small smile. You smiled back and ran home with the others while Sonic ran into town. Later that day, you and the others were waiting for Sonic to return home but you were starting to get worried. Soon, Sonic finally arrived home and you hugged him tight. "Sonic! You're ok!" Y/N said. "Of course I'm ok. I've been through worse." Sonic said. "I was so worried about you." Sonic smiled and hugged you back. Sonic looked outside and widen his eyes as he gently pushed you away from him. "I'm sorry but I have to go. I'll talk to you later ok? Bye!" Sonic said as he runs off. "Huh?" Y/N said in concern. "What's with him?" Blaze asked. "Maybe he's still planning a prank on Shadow." Knuckles said as he laughed. Shadow growled as he punched him. "Ow! Dude that hurt!" Knuckles said. "Well maybe next time I'll make it even more painful!" Shadow said. "Guys stop! Let's just forget about this and get ready for bed." Amy said. "Fine." Knuckles and Shadow said. Everyone went to bed. For the past few days, Sonic has been leaving the house everyday before sunset without saying a word. Everyone kept asking him where he was going but he keeps telling them that it was no big deal. Soon everyone began to stop asking. Well...almost everyone. "Hey Sonic." Y/N said. "Hi Y/N. What's up?" Sonic asked. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?" "Sure. What time?" "Tonight." Sonic widen his eyes. "Actually I can't. I'm busy tonight. Maybe tomorrow." "Oh...ok." "I'm sorry Y/N." Sonic walked away while you sigh sadly. "What's wrong Y/N?" Blaze asked. "I don't know Blaze. Me and Sonic used to do everything together ever since we were kids but now..." "Hey. It's ok. Maybe he just needs time for himself." "You might be right. Thanks Blaze." "You're welcome. If you need me, I'll be in my room." Blaze said as she walked away. You begin to think to yourself. *Thinks* "Starting tonight, I'm gonna follow Sonic and see what's going on."

Here's a sneak peek for the next chapter:

Y/N: *Sarcasm* Great. I lost him.
Y/N: Sonic?
Sonic: Please don't tell anyone.
Y/N: What happened to you?
Y/N: I promise.
Sonic: I'm ok.
Sonic: What have you done to me!?

What's gonna happen next? Find out soon on Chapter 2. Have a great day. Author out 💖💖💖

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