Chapter 12

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Thorn looked between the two mechs. Knockout held a data pad in servo and was glancing over the scans trying to see why Thorn's mind was pulsing the way it was. He would have to talk to Shockwave about this. Thorn sat up, KO and E7 stepped back to give her more room. The femme swung her legs over the side of the berth, looking to KO for confirmation she was fine, her helm still aching.

"Well there is nothing wrong with you physically so I can't keep you here-"

::Knockout, I require your assistance in my lab.:: The voice of Shockwave spoke through the intercom. With a dramatic sigh the medic left the room leaving the two alone. As soon as the door shut Started to bounce on his peds like a sparkling.

"You have know idea how crazy things have been while you were gone. Lord Megatron has ordered for the construction of a new maga-lock thingy on the ship that can restore our home planet. Oh oh and communication chief  Soundwave was  captured, but returned not long ago and he captured an Autobot."

'What! Who?' Thorn's optic widened at the last bit of gossip. Her question was written plan as day on her face-plate.

"Rumor has it is their medic. I can't say for sure because I am just in maintenance. Hey now that your better can you teach your class again?" E7 clasped his servos together, pure hope and exitment in his voice as her stared at the femme.

'Oh jeez how can I say no when he said it like that.' Thorn know his optics were shining brightly underneath his visor so she nodded once. 

"Hooray!" E7 jumped into the air, landed, and caught Thorn off guard by hugging her wrapping his arms around her middle. Her new wings rose with her surprise, smiling she pats the top of his helm, wings relaxing. He let go running to the door waving all the way.

"I'll let the others know!" With that he was gone.

'Vehicons.'She chuckles to her self. 

'Well now what do I do. I agreed to give a training lesson, but I need to see if everything E7 told me was true. His clan is very nice, but all of them have a tendency to stretch the truth. The lock-key thing can wait. I need to find out if Ratchet is really here. If so I will help him get off this ship to repay my debt. He did after all save my life, besides Raf probably really misses him. He spoke very highly of him while I stayed . . . well no while i was a prisoner there. [sigh] But first I need to test out my new wings. I have not flown in what feels like forever.'

With her processor made up Thorn stood up and headed for the door. Opening automatically she walked straight into someones chasis. Stumbling back strong servos caught her waist preventing a fall. Looking up slowly, a blue blush stating embarrassment, her teal optic was met with the smirking face of Predaking.

"Falling of me already I see." A mischievous grin complemented his now waggling optic ridges.  

"In your dreams King." Thorn spoke in a low tone rolling her optic.

"Naturally and now they are coming true." His grip on her waist began to tighten with his strong instinct of protection.

"Maybe in the present, but life is full of surprises." Her own mischievous grin claimed her unmasked lips. 

"What do you mean?" Predaking asked looking puzzled.

"Well . . . surprises such as. . .?" Thorn trailed off bringing her right servo up to cup the side of his helm. He leaned into her touch looking down at her. A small smile graced her lips as she leaned froward he leaned down closing the space between them. 

" . . . this?" Thorn whispered, Predaking closed his optics, her ped slid forward resting behind his left ankle-metal-part-thing(I have know idea what they are called). In a very fast motion Thorn literally kicked his legs out from underneath him. With a cry and a crash he fell onto the ground. Thorn jumped over him laughing and took off down the hallway. 

"Let the hunt begin." She called turning a corner.

"Oh it is on."Predaking looked after her retreating form and grinned darkly. He propelled himself off the floor chancing after his prey.


Chapter end.

Sorry this is short I have had writer-block of a while now and am just happy I managed to put something together.

Hope you enjoyed.


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