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I'm back bitchs! Also how tf can ppl think dis bby top? Like just bc he got abs don't mean shit.

Jungkooks pov

I let out one last scream as jun-ho releases Inside of me then pulls out roughly.

Somehow it still hurts as much as it did the first time. Time after time it still is pain that's unexplainable nothing ever changes.I

And I'm starting to think it never will change untill he gets board and kills me.

" That was so nice good job baby boy." Jun-ho says well petting my hair.

The next thing that I did I honestly don't know what came over me it's just my butt hurt so bad from getting rapped by the two men just the night before now when jun-ho had pushed me off the bed at 5am and ripped my pants off.

So much pain.

So much anger .

So much sadness.

That I just snapped .

"IM NOT YOUR BABY BOY!" I yelled and slapped his hand.


He looks pissed.


I'm fucked... Maybe litterly.

I see something spark in his eyes. And this time it's not lust. It's anger.

He stands up and kicks me on my side.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU FUCKING SLUT!" He yells as he grabs me by my hair and punch's me in the face.

I whimper as he starts repeatedly kicking me in my side.

I fall, my back now against the cold hard floor, as I look up at the man I'm sick of seeing as hot tears slide down my face for the hundredth time since I was thrown in this hell on earth.

I see him about to kick me again till his phone rings.

He lets out an aggravated sigh and Stomps over to his phone and picks it up.

"What?!" He answers in pure spite.

I see his face drop in fear as he runs to his pants and pulls them up. Before running out of my room.

I start bawling my eyes out all hope gone.

I'm never getting out.

Until I realise...

He didn't close the door before he left.

I feel my heart drop but not the bad kind of my heart skipping a beat.

More like the kind that made all my bad thoughts go away.

I could see my hyungs !

I could get out!

I don't even care if they don't want me anymore after all I'd understand they have that pretty girl and now I'm even more disgusting than before.

But I wanna see them even if it's my last time.

I quickly try and get up but I realise I was just raped 3 times and beat twice in the past 2 hours .

I instantly fall to my knees but I won't give up. No. Not now.

I try again this time with the support of the crappy sad excuse of a bed full of blood and cum stains.

And I get on both legs and take a shaky step.

Then another.

Then another.

Till I reach the door and a smile forms on my bloody chapped lips, this as a outcome of biteing my lips so much The past few days and of course when... Jun-ho roughly forced his lips on mine.

This the first smile I've had since...well um I don't know how long I've been in here but It feels like months.(a/nit's been about a week in reality if y'all don't know)

I take another step this time faster and I find my self in what seems to be a ... A living room?

Well I don't know how anyone could live in this 'living room'.

It smells like smoke and there is cigarette butts and empty cans all over the room along with a couch that looks like it's from the 60's with a big rip on the side of it.

How could someone live like this! There's trash everywhere and old rotting food.

I almost throw up when I saw a cockroach crawl out from under a dirty plate.

I quickly pick up my pace and try not to face plant into the trash on the floor as I make my way to the front door.

I stumble as I get a little to exited to finely get out that i put to much pressure on my lower region as I fall from the shooting pain coming from my butt.

I cry out in pain when my frail body comes in contact with the dirty tile floor. I landed on my bruised up body making me wanna curl up in a ball and cry and just give up.

I mean it's not like I have a chance even if I get out I don't even know where I am.

I might as well lay here and let Jun-ho find me and use me as his personal toy again.


I have to get out.

I have to see hyungs.

I can't be used like this not anymore!

I take my almost bone thin arm and push my self off the ground as I reach for the door handle in front of me to lift me up as support of my very weak body.

After all, all I've had to eat since I've been here was a slice of bread and before that I was already basically starving myself.

And after all the beatings and my wound and of course the non consent sex I've been experiencing. So yes I am very weak right now so much that it's hard to walk.

Once I finally get on my two feet I take a wobbly step and open the unlocked door.

I stumble back not used to the strong cold winter air.

I blink my dry eyes a couple of times till I can see and a small smile forms on my face as I see the outside world. It's so fresh not musky and dirty, It's so...


The beautiful night sky, the stars twinkling. I let out a breath of relief as I take a small step closer to my hyungs.

-Time skip two hours-

I take another inhale of the pricing cold air burning my throat.

I'm not sure how long I've been walking and walking and walking.

I'm not sure if where I am or where I'm going.

Each step my feet ache more, each step my breathing gets harder, each step my eyes get heaver.

Each step it's harder not to drop to the floor in the middle of this random naborhood.

I try to open my eyes but black dots start to block the dim light coming off from the street lights.

I feel my body going numb as my vision gets darker and darker I try to take one last step but my body gives out and the last thing I remember is my body hitting something hard.

Hey I'm back:) sorry if I worried y'all with the book. But as soon as I got my tablet back I came on here!

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