Chapter 11 - the boat

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1 week later


Grayson texted me all week but I never responded.

I needed to figure out some stuff.
I needed to know what I wanted, what I really wanted and what mattered the most.

He told me him and Ethan would be at the warehouse everyday so if I wanted to come I could. And waking up this morning I decided that I'll go today.
Honestly I wanted to spend the day at my dad's boat, but I can no longer avoid the boys. Maybe I can go there with them, they told me they wanted to the other day, so why not ?

I feel much better today for some reason, so I need to take avantage of that.


When I knocked at the warehouse front door I was nervous.

What do I say ? "Hey Grayson, I know it's been a week and I didn't responded to any of your texts, but hey, surprise, here I am, what's up ?" No.
Right when I was regretting coming and about to turn around, the door opened and I saw a shirtless and sweety Ethan. Well that was quite a sight.

"Hey Mao." Ethan said, a bit embarrassed.
"Hey, I know I didn't tell Grayson that I was coming but..."
"It's fine," he cut me off. "Come in," he then said, opening the door for me.
"Thank you."

Ethan must have been working out because he walked to the workout station and grabbed his shirt that was on the floor.

"Grayson is not here, he has the flu and decided to stay at the house." Ethan told me, walking towards me while putting his shirt on.
"Oh okay." I said, shyly.

What the... Why do I act like that ? Since when I'm shy ? Wake up Mao !

"Do you... maybe - you don't have to - want to come with me for a coffee ?" Ethan asked awkwardly.

I could see literal hope in his eyes.

"Sure," I smiled.

He seemed so happy with my answer.

"Cool, but let me take a shower very quickly first. " He said.
"Of course."


When he came back he was wearing a black shirt and a pair of yellow shorts that suited him very well.

"Let's go." He said.

We made our way to his car and Ethan drove to the nearest Philz coffee shop.

"Do you want to come with me to my dad's boat after our coffee ?" I asked him.
"Yes of course, but it's not very sunny today."
"I know, thats why it's the best moment to go on the boat."
"Why so ?"
"You'll see." I told him.

In fact, talking to Ethan was very easy. Easier than I thought it would. He gives me that impression that everything I say is important.
And when we finally arrived at Philz he opened up to me more.
He told me about his life. I already knew almost everything he said because Grayson told me, however I didn't said that to him.
Because for the first time he was talking to me.
Also, seeing him smile while talking about his family in New Jersey and all the things he did here with Grayson is just amazing.


After our coffee we drove to the boat harbor where my dad's boat is.

"It would have been perfect if it was sunny today." Ethan said when we finally were in the middle of the ocean.

We could still see land tho.

"No. I told you, cloudy weather is the best weather to go in the middle of the ocean."
"Well you said I'll see why, but all I can see is my titties freezing off."
"You're so dramatic, it's not even that cold !"
"Yes it is !" He said.
"Anyway... Look, isn't it perfect ?" I said showing the endless ocean in front of us.

The sky was cloudy and filled with many different shades of blue and grey, there was no rain, no wind, the opaque sea was very calm, quiet and dark.
It really was the perfect time to go out at sea.

"No, I mean... I don't see why you think that's the perfect weather. It's just too cold, too dark and too calm for me." He replied.

I sighed.

"That's because you watch with your eyes."

He looked at me with a confused expression.

"Do you not feel anything, watching the ocean when it's like that ?" I asked.

Ethan seemed to think about it during a few seconds, watching the ocean in front of us with his eyes plissed.

"Actually..." He started.

I had hope he finally felt the same thing that I feel every time I come in the middle of the ocean on a cloudy day.

"Actually, all I can feel right now... Is the cold that is literally going to make my nipples fell off." He said calmly, staying in the same position as if he was thinking.
"You're something else, Dolan."

He looked at me with a smile.

"One day you'll understand what I feel." I said.

" I said

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