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Percy's POV:

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.I'm holding her hand. I'm holding Annabeth's hand. My heart beats a million times a minute as I try to settle my nerves. Both of us refuse to be the first to let go. But when Tony comes into view, I let go of her hand gently. She looks at me quickly and I silently communicate through my eyes. She nods and smirks before turning forward. My reason was that cameras will surround us the moment we near Tony and I know that relationships can be hard in Survivor. Not that we're in one. Just that if we get close, people will notice and that can be used against us.

"Hello," Tony greets us all, the same smile I've always seen on his face. His bald head shines in the cave and his tattoo peeks out from his neck. His twinkling brown eyes watch us all as if remembering his days in the game.

We all take a seat, Annabeth across from Tony and me beside her. I hide a smile between my napkin at her calculating stare. Tony smirks at us all, "I know this is early in the game, but every move you make will count in the end. My advice is make allies, but don't be afraid to break them. Although," He pauses. "Keep in mind, about the jury at the end, they decide who wins."

"Aren't the relationships we make important?" Leo asks, his fingers tapping his kneed constantly. I realize its Morse code, saying, I love you.

Tony nods, "They are very important and I'm not saying to backstab everyone you meet. Connections with others make the experience even better, make it all worth it."

"What if you don't develop a relationship?" Travis asks, shocking me.

Tony looks at him, his eyebrows raised. "You're with these people for a month and a couple days, stranded on an island. Completing exhausting challenges and either winning rewards or not. I think you will."

Leo laughs, "Yeah, I mean the prank your planning is awesome! You guys are lit."

Travis and Connor's eyes flicker towards me. A prank? "Hold on, what prank?" I ask.

Leo looks at me like a deer caught in headlights, "Uh, I forgot Perce was here. He. He."

Annabeth rolls her eyes, "Its fine, he can actually help us."

Travis and Connor look at me skeptically. Connor speaks up, narrowing his eyes, "If you, mention anything of this, you will have a target on your back."

I smile, much to their surprise, "I already have a target on my back. I'll help, as long as it's not on me. What's the prank?"

Connor and Travis look at each other, a silent conversation happening between them. Finally, Travis sighs and grins. "So, we talked to Jeff about this." They both laugh at my raised eyebrows, before continuing, "He agreed, saying it can be part of our reward. We want to prank the Beauty andBrawns tribe. You will now know this is a prank, but for Pete's sake please act surprised. Actually, your strong, you can help. Connor? Care to explain the rest?" Travis asks his twin brother, who is gnawing a piece of meat absentmindedly.

"Huh?" He mumbles.

Travis rolls his eyes, "Never mind." He turns back to me, "Anyway, we want to hide all of their stuff. Like I mean everything. Jeff says to hide it at the challenge. Then, we will place a fake hidden immunity clue in plain sight."

Connor, who is now listening, nods, "Not our finest prank, but that's saved for later on in the game."

A prank. In Survivor. Leave it to the Stolls to change the history of the show. I give them a lopsided grin, "I'm in."

Travis rubs his hands together, "Jeff will tell you everything you need to know."

I nod. Tony watches this whole exchange with amusement, "As much as I want to get to know you guys, our time is up.' He stands, "Good luck, I look forward to watching you."

We all watch as Tony starts to walk away before he stops, a sly smile on his face. "Prank them hard."


"The others aren't going to know what hit them," Leo chuckles, as the Stolls talk about the prank.

Hazel originally wanted to talk to Annabeth, so I walked ahead, giving them space. I have to admit though, I really wanted a chance to hold her hand again, you know, before we go back to the game. The boat comes into view, splashing against the waves, and we all walk across the rocky beach to the rocking boat. Leo and the Stolls file in and I turn to Hazel and Annabeth to help them in. No one stands behind me. My heart picks up its pace and I look around wildly. Where are they?

Annabeth's POV

"Annabeth? Can I talk to you?" Hazel asks, then her bronze eyes flicker to Percy. "Alone?"

Percy gets the hint and as he walks past me and away, his hand grazes mine. Butterflies fill my stomach and I have to fight with everything that I have, not to smile back. Hazel doesn't seem to notice this and continues, "I have recently recognized that you are smart. Deadly smart in this game. I was thinking, you, me and Leo for the top three." She proposes. That plan sounds like an ordinary Survivor plan, where they say it, but it never comes true. There's only one problem, that plan doesn't include Percy, but why does that matter?

"I'll think about it, but I definitely want to be allies," I suggest, not fully shutting down her idea but not agreeing to it either.

Hazel smiles and nods. I look ahead and watch Percy as he kicks rocks. Without meaning to, my gaze drifts to his floppy hair, as it's messy composure sways in the breeze through the cave's tunnels. "Annabeth!" Hazel frantically whispers.

I look behind me to see Hazel crouched over something. I walk over quickly and see she's holding a piece of paper. I read it.

Tony waits.

Where the rocks meet the sand.

An opportunity being brought to you like the ocean's waves to the shore.

Hazel and I stare at each other for a second, "It's an advantage," I comment in shock.

Hazel nods, "Should we go? The others will notice we're gone, but Jeff will cover our tracks."

I stay there for a moment, before looking up to see Percy's fading figure towards the tunnel's entrance. "Let's go."

Pushing myself to a standing position, Hazel and I start to walk back. That walk then turns into a run. I smile, this is why you play Survivor, you never give up because the game can change in a matter of seconds. 

What do you guys think the advantage is? 

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