Theater 12 (Frerard)

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A/N welcome to my first Frerard! The first several chapters aren't the greatest, I won't change/edit them, because as you read it you see my improvement as a writer. So like if you're reading and you're like 'this has potential, but isn't well written' it gets better (so I've been told) Thanks for giving it a chance! xoxo

"Gerard! We're going to be late, lets go, lets go!" Mikey shouted up to me.

"I can't find my movie theater jeans!" I shouted back at him. A few seconds later Mikey was standing in the door way.

"Movie theater jeans?" He asked with a confused expression.

"Yes! The ones I can hide snacks in!"

"Oh." Mikey breathed out, rolling his eyes in what I assumed was suppose to be discretely.

"Don't worry about it bro. I just got paid, I'll buy the snacks."

I shook my head. "No. No way am I letting you spend $5 on a tiny box of candy. Or $10 on a little bag of popcorn!"

Mikey sighed and sat down against the wall. I shuffled through all my drawers, and searched under the bed. They were no where in sight.

"Fine, I'll just wear these." I sighed,picking up the jeans I could find with the biggest pockets. Which still happened to be skinny jeans, unfortunately.

"I'll wait in the car." Mikey announced, closing the door.

After he was gone I kicked off my pajama pants, and pulled my skinny jeans on. I turned to the mirror and brushed out my long brown hair. I stared at myself for a moment, Mikey's constant requests for me to get a haircut ran through my mind. I considered it for a moment, then thought, "nah".
I liked my hair, I was going to keep it this way for a long time.
I grabbed my box of candy and slid them into my pocket, rushing out to the car before Mikey became impatient.

"Are you excited to see the new Xmen movie?" Mikey asked as we drove to the mall.

"Mhm" I nodded enthusiastically.

Mikey smiled and turned on the radio. Brittany Spears blared through the speakers, and Mikey tried to change the station.

"No!" I shouted and smacked his hand away. "I like this song." I added, moving my head along to the music.

"You're so gay!" Mikey teased, shaking his head as he focused on the road.

"Whatcha goin' do about it?" I laughed, punching him in the arm playfully. He smiled, and turned into the mall parking lot.
Mikey had always been accepting of my sexuality, that never stopped him from teasing me though.

As I walked into the mall I could hear the candy moving around in my pocket. It was pretty visible, and I was nervous. I tried to move my leg as little as possible as we walked up to the ticket booth.

"2 for Xmen, please." Mikey smiled at the girl behind the counter, I didn't play for that team, but I could recognize a beautiful woman. And she was definitely beautiful. Her hair shined, and her eyes sparkled. "15.50" She spoke softly, and her voice matched her looks.

"Isn't it suppose to be 20?" Mikey questioned with his eyebrow raised.

"I gave you my discount." She smiled and winked at Mikey.
I leaned closed to Mikey's head and made a bunch of "Ooo" sounds. He blushed, and she laughed.

"Thank you." He said handing her the money, and hitting my side.

"Ow!" I groaned and pretended to be hurt.
Mikey just ignored my pain and grabbed the tickets, and then pulled me to the man who would take them. I laughed as he dragged me over to him.

My laughter died the second I laid eyes upon the man, and my mouth dropped slightly at the sight.

He was the definition of beauty, and he had gorgeous dark hair that framed his face perfectly.

"Hi!" He greeted us with a bright smile.

His smile was even more breathtaking than his other features

"Hello." Mikey greeted back, handing him our tickets.
I realized my mouth was still hung open, and quickly closed it before anyone noticed.
I watched him as he ripped the stubs off our tickets. I noticed him looking at my feet, and then he slowly and discreetly looked up my entire body.

I suddenly felt really insecure.
I bit my lip and looked to the ground.

"Enjoy your movie, guys!" He spoke happily, handing us our tickets.
I slowly walked past him, still looking to the ground when he grabbed my arm.

"What's in your pocket?" He questioned with a sly smile on his face.

"Uhh.. It's my phone." I managed to stutter out, avoiding his gaze.

"Your phone is in your hand." He giggled, quirking one of his beautiful eyebrows at me.

Damn it.

"Uhh.. umm." I replied nervously, cursing myself for being so damn awkward.

"Do I need to search you?" He threatened with that same devious smile.
I could feel myself beginning to sweat as his hazel eyes stared back at me. Normally I would have just came up with some bullshit excuse to what it was. But this man made everything but my brain think.
I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out.
His smile widened and he gripped my arm softly.

"I'm just messin' with you." He giggled, pulling his hand away from my arm.

"Oh.." I breathed out, swallowing hard as I pleaded for my heart to slow down.
He stood on his tippy toes then, and whispered in my ear.

"Your secret is safe with me."
I gazed up at him shyly, and he winked.

"Oooo" Mikey erupted from behind me.
I ignored him and quickly walked to our movie theater.

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