Letting go is not my thing

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BEFOR WE START! I had some ideas of a mature type of book bc it sounds boring for a romantic one why not Action? Romance? And...swears....
⚠️⚠️WARNING: this book contains depression this may offend you if you have depression! Self harm! Bad language!Gayness! KYS notes!⚠️⚠️ you have been warned!

I was reading the news while walking down the halls, I was told a There was a murder in the loose, I see everyone staring at me, I wonder if they think it was me?
"U-uh...hello?" Everyone just stared at me more, I do slap kids with rulers but...I don't murder them, okay I will treat kids better I will keep my ruler in my bag.
Lets just see where that takes us...
Next day when I come to school in a happy mood kids just gossip about me, if I was the killer and just pretending to be nice, just yesterday on lunchtime a kid was all of a sudden 'missing' I don't know WHY it was not ME, but everyone was scared at me, I held on to my books tighter and tilt my head down and run away, voices were in my head as I was running "STOP!" "KILLER DIE!" "NOBODY LIKES YOU!" "ALL KILLERS SHOULD NEVER EXIST! ESPECIALLY YOU!!" As I ran, faster and faster I bump into someone, My head was titled down so I could not see them, I ran back I went out the doors and back to my house I heard a kid say "That's right LEAVE!"
When I ran back I found out my knife was on the table, a rope was in my garage.
I had bad thoughts about them, I had social anxiety ever since what that kid said.
I got my razor and started to cut my hole hand, "every mistake counts Baldimore" I say to myself "and you are a mistake-AH!"I start to cry but then when I saw how big the cut was I started to laugh and cry at the same time, as I waited for the blood to dry out I Went in my bedroom and sat down on my bed, I started saying this to myself like "Where did I go wrong?" Or "I deserved these cuts" as I use my razor to my my hand again I forgot I was still on my bed, Blood was on my bed and made a trail from the bathroom, as I was crying and laughing in the same time, someone knocked on my door. "K-Kennith?" (Principals real name Kennith Lee) I said when I opened the door, "Baldi? Why are you not teachi-WHAT HAPPEND!?" Kennith looked at my hand and I quickly Pull my sleeve down,"d-don't worry sniff I'm..im-im okay! I just t-tripped and cut my self, don't worry!" I tried to make an excuse "oh...Sorry b-baldi-baldi-b-Baldimore I thought you felt suicidal" I see Kennith holding up his tears, "c'mon Kennith SNIIF j-just cry let it all out"

I cry my heart out
"IM AN IDIOT! IM A FUCKING IDIOT!" As I cried aloud "WHY AM I FUCKING DOING THIS TO MYSELF?!?" "WHY AM I THINKING OF STUPID THINGS ABOUT WHAT BAD THINGS MAY HAPPEN TO YOU BALDI!" "WHY" I bang the side of the door when I said why, I was so protective about baldi, but nothin bad ever happens to him. "K-kennith, no...sigh Hush there There it's alright..." baldi says as he hugs me and pats my back. "i..I have some unfinished business to do..." he said as as he closed the door "w-wait UNFINISHED BUSINESS!" I yelled as I opened his door and ran upstairs 'did I hire a killer teacher!?' I thought, I heard crying and laughing from the bathroom, along with a blood trail to the bedroom with a bloody knife "BALDI?!" I ran to the bathroom and opened it, and what I saw was mind blowing
Nobody was in there but baldi, I see him with a razor CUTTING himself
"B-baldi?" I say in a shivered voice "whats all this?" Baldi continues cutting himself
he cried and laughed, he looked like he enjoyed being cut, his whole hand was cut
And I covered my mouth I stoped him from doing one more cut. He was out cold
So I ran all around everywhere in baldis house just to find in his basement a...
What did Kennith see? Will baldi ever show everyone that he is not a killer?
Will baldi show his love to Kennith? Will anyone Know about this?
If you comment on what you think then I will make a part two...
Unless you beg for a part two then I will make a part two...

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