Sabrina and the Magical Lipsticks: Part 1

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Long ago in a castle far away lived a princess by the name of Sabrina. She had two pets, both bionic. One was a dog named Spark and the other was a cat named Jama. Sabrina also had a great power known by everyone as the six magical lipsticks

Each lipstick had a different power:
Red: the power of cupid/love
Blue: the power of controlling the sea
Green: the power of controlling nature
Purple: the power of the night
Pink: the power of good
Black: the power of evil

Sabrina used this power very wisely and also guarded it with her life, knowing that one day the lipsticks would fall into the wrong hands

Sabrina was having a normal day. You know, getting dressed, eating breakfast, guarding the lipsticks with her life, you know the the normal things. Until some flying monkeys (I have no idea where they came from) just fly on in Sabrinas house, places a package on her table, then takes her lipsticks and fly away.

Sabrina has no idea what just happened. She opens the package and sees a golden lipstick.

"Ooh, a new power! I wonder what it does." Sabrina puts on the lipstick and immediately is obsessed with money, fame, and power. Sabrina looks at the package.

"A note?" She sees a note taped on the package, picks it up, and reads it out loud.

"Come to my cave, and bring your lipsticks I will give you...ten million dollars! -Queen Lexi. I'm on my way, but first I must get rid of this trechorus outfit! Ew." ( I don't know if I spelt trechorus right, sorry if I didn't) Sabrina goes to her closet and puts on a black crop top, a gold leather jacket, black leggings, and gold boots. Sabrina then goes to her bathroom and finds some quick dry permanent hair coloring spray and sprays her black hair blond. She goes to her car and drives away to Queen Lexi's cave.

Jama and Spark look at each other.

"What. Just. Happened. Spark?"

"I have no idea Jama, but I do know that we have to get our Sabrina back not whoever this gold digging brat is."

"I agree, but how do we do that? We don't even know where or for a matter of fact who this Queen Lexi person is!"

"I know Jama but we have to do something!"

"Fine, but if we get caught I'm leaving your butt and saving my own."

"Fine with me, let's go!"

"Spark, wait! What's the plan?"

"I don't know. I'm just going somewhere hoping to find Sabrina" spark is already half way down the road now

"Ugh, dogs." Jama runs after spark but loosing him in a crowd of people. "Oh no, this is not good at all"

Hey guys Star here! I wrote this story when I was really little because I was entering a story contest, but my story was way too long for them to accept so I never finished it. Now I can rewrite the story in a new and better way. This story will also probably only have two or three parts, I hope you enjoy it and I'm sorry for the cliffhanger I guess you'll just have to wait for the next chapter to see what happens!

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