Your Animagus Form

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James: A Doe. It's kind of ironic, isn't it? After all his Animagus form is a stag.

Sirius: An Artic Fox. It kind of matches your personality because you're known for being cold towards people you don't trust. Obviously after getting to know them better you open yourself a little bit more until you finally open up completely.

Remus: A Wolf. He couldn't believe it when you told him, apparently you became an Animagus with the help of the other Marauders, they understood your reason since they became Animagi under the same circumstances. Remus fell even more in love with you after that.

Severus: A Panther. I know it's weird, a Slytherin an Animagus? Well let's just say you had your reasons. Sev found out when he saw you sneaking out of the Slytherin Common Room, he's known ever since.

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