I'm Fine...

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Ian's P.O.V

Everything is so familiar, it's hard not to think back to the last time I was sitting here, waiting for news that could break me.

The sterile smell is the same, the lights are still the same ugly flourescent, the beeping is still everywhere you go, and I'm still sitting in an uncomfortable chair beside a loved one - praying that she'll wake up and be okay.

It's been two days since Annie's surgeries, but she still hasn't woken up. The doctors don't seem to be too concerned about this fact, according to them it's due to the amount pain meds and stress that her body is going through.

For two days she has been in and out of surgeries because the bleeding in her stomach that they thought they had under control just keeps coming back. For two days she has laid in this bed and not made a single movement or even opened her eyes once.

For two days I have sat in this uncomfortable chair, only leaving to give her parents time with her alone. During that time I go home and shower as quickly as possible before changing my clothes and heading right back to the hospital.

Fieldan is here when she's not at school, but she goes home to eat and sleep. Food and sleep never cross my mind until someone brings food to me and forced me to eat it. I haven't slept since the night before everything happened, not a full nights sleep at least. I toss and turn everytime I try, and not from being uncomfortable, but from the fear of Annie not being here when I wake up.

There's a light knock and when I look towards the door I see Drew stepping into the room and quietly closing the door behind him.

He takes a guick look at Annie before looking away - that's what everyone does. I watch him as he makes his way around the bed where she is and sits heavily in the empty chair beside me.

He's wearing his baseball uniform and has dirt smeared all over his pants, "How was practice?"

Drew looks down at his pants like he forgot that he was still in his sweaty, dirt covered practice uniform. "It was okay."

I give him a tight lipped nod, and we sit in silence for a few moments. I notice that Drew is now looking at Annie instead of his hands. Aside from the bandage on her head and the few cuts on her face, she looks the same, but people act as if she's horribly disfigured when the see her.

"Still no changes?" His voice is hoarse as he asks me the question.

I shake my head, "None." 

"Do you think she can hear us?"

"The doctors said it's possible."

"What do you think she would say if she woke up right now and saw us sitting here together?" Drew turns towards me and we both start laughing.

When Drew left, Fieldan showed up a few minutes later. In her hand was all the work I'm missing at school. Since we're nearing the end of the year and graduation is right around the corner, it's a large stack of make up work.

While Fieldan agreed to go to school, even though she would rather be here with me, my dad knew better than to even ask me.

"I've only been gone for two days." I say as I take the workload from Fieldan and sit it on the small table behind me.

"A lot can happen in two days." She takes the seat Drew had vacated moments ago and after a quick chat about Annie's lack of progress today, we open our books and do our homework in silence.

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