"You may have asked me, but you didn't ask my sister -- your other daughter. Either way, you broke the law, mom, and you used us to do it. When daddy finds out, he's gonna think we betrayed him."

"He won't, I will tell him."

"Really? When? Right now? Because I'll cancel my plans for that."

"You know it doesn't work that way," Hermione struggled to contain herself from lashing out. "In that case, I'll talk to you later, my friends and sister are waiting," Veronica dismissed, walking out. "Ronnie, do not go out that door," Hermione warned. Veronica ignored her mother and shut the door, hearing her mother yell her name.

"Maddy, you've been clingy than usual. What's up with that?" Josie asked, Madyson who sat in between Veronica and Reggie. "Uh..." Madyson looked at Veronica, not wanting to explain anything. "She isn't really big on loud noises and parties. She's the extrovert whist I am the introvert."

"Huh? Well, bestie, you're with us, more importantly me. You're fine," Reggie told Madyson, who smiled up at him. She took out her phone to see two calls, three texts, and twenty-seven notifications from instagram. She sighed, looking through her feed, Reggie letting her lean on his while he leaned on her. "I'm sorry, Ms. Lodge, but your card's been declined," a man apologized, holding up Veronica's card.


Madyson rolled her eyes, taking Veronica's bag to search for the wad of cash she had packed for this situation. "And let me guess, it's been reported stolen," Veronica saild. The man glanced to the side, "It has, in fact. We're supposed to call the cops."

"Yeah, sure call the cops. We'll be happy to tell them how old we are," Reggie sneakily smirked.

"Or I could call my mom, the mayor," Josie smiled. The guy sighed in defeat. Madyson held up the wad of cash, Veronica smiled and took it beforing giving it to the man. "This should cover it."

The man took the cash and returned the card. "Veronica, did your mom cut you off? Did she do the same to Maddy, or can we still get ice cream?" Kevin asked. "She did. And as for Maddy..."

Madyson smiled, holding up her phone to show her bank. Reggie looked at the phone with wide eyes. "$3,683,290! Dude, and it still works!"

"She has way more than me," Veronica smiled, patting her sister's leg. Madyson rolled her eyes, "Yeah, cause I don't spend it every day." Veronica hummed, "Point taken."

"Is that a good thing? Your mom cutting you off," Reggie asked. Veronica looked at the boy, "Oh, Reggie. This is how we Lodge women roll. We faint, we parry, we approach, we retreat. Like a cobra and a mongoose dancing."

Madyson raised her hand, making Veronica chuckle. "Except for Maddy, here. She hears, she keeps quiet, then becomes a FBI base of knowledge which gets paid by cupcakes and gummy bears for information," Veronica laughed, earning a hug from her sister.

Kevin held a questionable stare. "She blinked, which means, I suspect, that Hermione Lodge is ready to negotiate," Veronica smiled, standing up. Madyson groaned, standing up as well.

Madyson, right as she walked into the apartment, went straight to her room. She fell onto her bed and looked through her phone. She bit her lip, seeing Sweet Pea's contact. She bit her lip, reluctantly shutting her phone.

No matter how much she wanted to talk to the boy, she couldn't help but remember his tone when he called earlier. She couldn't help but sigh at the possibility that they may never speak to each other again because he hates her. Madyson closed her eyes and relaxed.

Meanwhile on the other side of the tracks, at the Whyte Wyrm, Sweet Pea leaned on the wooden pillar looking at her contact. He held his finger over the contact and sighed, shutting his phone and looking up. Toni, who was behind the bar, shook her head. "SP, just call her."

Sweet Pea glared at her, tearing his gaze off of her and at his family, the Serpents.

She was a Lodge, a rich, a rich family, who moved to the Northside. He was a Southsider, someone who was arrogant, rude, and was part of a gang; he was someone everyone hated, especially those on the north of town.

He didn't want to admit it, but he's grown attached to the girl. So had she, to the boy. Toni rolled her eyes, snatching Sweet Pea's phone and clicking her contact. "Topaz!" he hissed. He took his phone and stared at the phone which answered, "Hello?"

He glared at her and walked out the Wyrm. "Hello?" her sweet voice called out. Sweet Pea placed the phone by his ear and took a deep breath. "Hey..."

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