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Third Person's Point of View:

"Okay, the Sisters of Quiet Mercy are due north. The getaway car was west, on the Old Route 40," Betty informed. "Closest bus station is east, headed toward Sweetwater. If Polly wanted to leave Riverdale without anytine seeing her, she probably would've left through--"

"Right here, Eversgreen Forest," Betty cut Jughead off. Everyone then separated to look for Polly. "I'm gonna go with Kevin," Veronica told Madyson. Madyson nodded, glancing around for the person she agreed going on the search with. "Maddy, let's go!" Reggie's voice called out. Veronica raised her brow causing her twin to giggle and shake her head. "Go, Mads," Veronica teased. Madyson glared at her before walking towards Reggie and a few other people.

They walked a few good five minutes till Reggie and Madyson stopped, their group walking forward. "Reggie, you aren't gonna find any cell service here," Madyson deadpanned, snatching his phone. Reggie chuckled, attempting to retrieve his phone. "So? Gotta  at least take a few good pictures."

"As for my arm candy..." Veronica trailed off, looking at Reggie; who was still trying to retrieve his phone. "He'll do."

Kevin chuckled. "Isn't Maddy going to be mad?"

"No. She thinks I don't know, but she's been seeing someone that isn't Reggie. I just haven't figured out who they are yet," Veronica informed. Kevin nodded, "Then, I'm in. I'm so in."

Veronica laughed, till they stopped walking. "Should we invite Betty and Maddy? Betty could probably use a distraction right now and Maddy just needs to socialize," Kevin proposed. Veronica pointing through some trees with wide eyes. "I'll ask but I think Betty might be a tad busy."

Cheryl and her family, along with some others, behind her.

"Come on, Maddy!" Veronica whined, standing in front of her sister. "Ronnie, no. You know I don't like parties... Let alone, people whom I don't know... And are drunk," Madyson shivered. Veronica rolled her eyes, "Just this once and then I'll never make you go to one every again."

Madyson sighed, thinking deeply. "Fine," she soon gave in. Veronica squealed, taking out a black skirt, a white button up, a blue ascott, black jacket, and black heels. She threw it at her sister before sitting on her chair, which stood in front of her vanity. Madyson groaned, dressing into the outfit. Madyson walked straight to the door where she was about to open the front, but she saw that Veronica purposely took off her heels to put them off in front of their mother.

"Where are you two going?" Hermione asked. Veronica sighed, ignoring her mother. "And don't say clubbing, it's a school night."

"But that's exactly where we're going, and do you know why? Because I have both a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card and 'Maddy Gets To Come With Me' card," Veronica told her mother. Hermione sighed, "Okay, Ronnie, enough. Checkmate. What do you want?"

"For you to admit what you did," Veronica muttered. Madyson sighed, walking forward and leaning forward on the chair her sister sat in. "Fine. I kissed Fred Andrews," Hermione admitted. Madyson crunched her eyebrows together. "Thats... That's not right," Madyson muttered, looking away in deep thought.

"No, mom, the other thing."

Madyson cleared her throat, hearing the beep of a car. "I'm-- I'm gonna go. I'll see you in the car, Ronnie."

They waited for her to leave before they started arguing once more. "It involves you forging Maddy and my signature to get Fred Andrews that stupid contract to build on dad's land," Veronica argued angrily. "Veronica, I asked you to sign that-"

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