chapter 31

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Rosie pov:-

I looked at him in disbelief, it can't be true. Just now he told me that witches blood is hundred times powerful and painful then how come he has witches blood in him.

" You remember when I told you how mederith saved me. She found me in front of her house barely breathing. She saved me by giving her blood to me, the blood almost killed me but with her magic I was reborn as half werewolf and half witch. With her blood came her powers, she thought me how to use and maintain the given powers. She is more power and true born witch, one of the first born. So her power is equal to hundred witches power all put to ones. So as I have her blood, even though I am half witch but I have powers which equal to the queen of witch kingdom", I was bewildered by his explanation, power equal to the queen of witch kingdom? I was getting more curious about Meredith, who is she? And how can she be so powerful? If she is a witch then why did she help him? All the unanswered questions were streaming in my mind.

but I was still angry with him.  All those forgotten tears came brimming in my eyes, I let them flow to show him how much his act affected me.

"Rose, what happened?", He frowned confused, I jerked away from him. His face fell immediately.

"It was an act for you but I still remember every second of pain I went through because of you, because of your words, because of your behavior. You thought only about your kingdom what about your wife?", I shouted at him holding his shirt in my hand.

"You could have told me or something but no, you have to be the mighty king who does everything by himself. In saving your kingdom you hurt me. Even though it was an act but still it was a nightmare for me", a cry left my mouth as my shoulders slumped forward and I leaned my head on his chest.

"It was really a special thing for me, our child is a special thing for me. I expected you to grab me in your arms and twirl me in joy after I said the news but no you did the exact opposite thing. When you said those words I felt my heart breaking into pieces. My happiness ripped away from me, I felt like dying", I lifted my head from his chest and looked at him. His eyes held guilt and regret.

I pushed him harshly away from, he stumbled backwards before regaining his posture. His jaw clutched in anger, his eyes gleamed in golden announcing his Wolf's presence, but he maintained his calmness.

"Why Edward? Why did you do that? It was our special moment why did you ruin that? Why did you chose your kingdom over me, over your child? Say me I need answers", I didn't shout but pleaded to him. He looked at me intensely before averting his gaze towards my stomach and then flicked his gaze back to me.

"I did... didn't think about it", he muttered averting his gaze away from me. I scoffed at his answer and shook my head in disbelief. Without any further questions I I turned and walked away from him. He said it indirectly that he cares more about his kingdom than his wife and child. Before walking away I looked at him over my shoulder.

"You are not any different from your parents, they also choose kingdom over the person who loved them. Whom I'm kidding same blood runs in your veins", I laughed a humorless laugh and walked away wiping my tears harshly. I don't know where I was heading to but I just want to be away from him for now.

He neither stopped me or called after me but stood like a statue. I know my words were very hurtful for him but he needs to know how I felt when he hurt me. I don't want my son to go through what Edward went through. I don't want him to choose between me or his kingdom. I want him to be equal. He can't hurt me because of his kingdom or risk his kingdom for me.


I stopped after a walking for I don't know how much long. My legs started to feel numb due to continuous walking. I sat down under a tree and leaned my back against the trunk feeling tired and exhausted both mentally and physically. After sometime I heard some shuffling sound, I looked behind to see Edward leaning against the tree behind. So he had followed me till here, guilt flooded through me as I remembered what I said to him back there.

His reasons were right, as a good king he did his job correctly but as a husband he failed. I looked towards him to see he was looking at the ground deep in thought and shame. I hesitantly stood up and walked towards him, all the anger fled when I saw him behind me but I still kept the angry face to show him that I was still angry with him.

I cleared my throat to gain his attention, his head snapped towards me. His grey ones locked with my own. I walked towards him and stood next to him. He opened his mouth to say something but I beat him first.

"I want to go back", I muttered averting my gaze away from his.

"Rose, please understand me, I'm sorr-", I interrupted him by holding my hand up.

"I don't want your sorry Edward, I'm fed up with your meaningless sorry and useless promises. From the start I been nothing but understanding to you. You forcefully married me, I understood. You forcefully marked me, I understood. I understood your lifestyle and adjusted according to that. But this is something which I don't understand and I don't want to", I almost shouted at him. I wrapped my hands around my stomach. His sorrowful gaze fell on my stomach before averting his gaze to me. Rage was firing up in his eyes, his grey ones changed to golden.

"What do you think rose, it was easy for me do something like that to you? I know how much it hurts when your loved ones do something hurtful, I have lived with it for years. I was not thinking rationally. I have shed blood building this kingdom, do you expect me to leave the kingdom to die? Do you have any idea how much pressure and stress I'm going through? You told me I was not a better husband, have you been a better wife?", He snapped at me raising his voice, my eyes widened in disbelief. Was I better wife? Wasn't I.

"I'm sorry, I know it doesn't suffice for what I did but it was all an act that's all I can say. We had no lead except for this. I thought you will understand when I say you the reason because your the queen of our kingdom. It is our duty to protect our kingdom. Yes, I put the kingdom before our happiness, because we can have our happiness anytime but we can't relive the dead peoples. As much I love you, I love our kingdom that much. As I vowed to protect you, I vowed to protect this kingdom also. I can't leave this kingdom for you or leave you for this kingdom", he finished harshly before turning away from me and walked away in the opposite direction away from him. I slumped down on the ground. I looked at his retreating figure. His words finally hit the nail. His words were swirling in my mind. But one thing stayed in my mind mocking me.

Wasn't I a better wife.


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