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Note- guys we hit one thousand+ and i cried so thanks again!
School finishes in 3 weeks so I'll be more active soon and I'm going on holiday on the 28th of July so that's a week of me being super silent aha! X
I've started a new fan fiction that explores Jughead being bisexual but don't worry, there is bughead don't kill me!!!! Go check out my new book plez!
I've also been dealing with some issues that break me and it stops me from writing some times I guess idk XD
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Chic ran upstairs, leaving Alice sat alone. FP had gone to take a nap, Jughead and Betty were upstairs in Betty's room and chic in his. The house felt weird, it wasn't right how all the north side decorations hung from the walls, it made Alice gag.

"Mum! Can Jughead sleep in my room?" Betty shouted, learning an 'ew don't be loud' from chic,
"Yes he can, but please use condoms Betty!" Alice laughed to herself, she was finally getting along with Betty.
"Ew mom no!" She heard a door slam as Betty and jug giggled rather loudly.

Alice stopped her laughing and turned to the wall near the door, it had a portrait of the whole family hung that she forgot was there. She turned her attention to Hal's face, that also made her gag. The fact he could have been her murderer made Alice wince and all the memories had came flying back to her like a rocket.
Without thinking, she grabbed the picture off the wall and snatched it out of the frame. Ripping off Hal and herself from the picture, she placed betty and polly aside on the table and threw it into the fire. It made her feel powerful. She carried on doing this to all pictures of north side Alice and Hal.
Now it was time to get rid off all the north side clothes. She stored into her bedroom and opened the wardrobe door to reveal a very pastel arrangement. Around 10 minuets passed and they were all in the garbage bin, only jeans and dark clothes remained. She rooted around at the bottom of the wardrobe until she found her old box of southside items, eg- her serpent jacket, some photos and black laundrette. All the past came flooding back to her like a river as she sat on her bed and pulled the jacket out the box.

Was it worth trying on?
What if the kids walked in or even worse


After strongly debating with herself about it, she finally decided to try it on, and no surprise that it fit like a glove and flattered her body so much. And it was super comfy as well.

"Going back to old routes are we there, ali?" FP was leaning against the door frame.
"Fuck off forcythe, I'm just sorting my closet out" Alice pointed towards the bin.
"Are you going out into town nude then?!" He laughed "Alice you don't own any other clothes?!"
She sighed, and placed her hand on her hip.
"Don't get excited, FP" she walked closer to him and pushed her body closer to his. She was in a black bra, some small underwear and her serpent jacket.... FPs exact turn on!

Alice whispered his name multiple times in his ear as he felt himself harden... fuck!
"Alice" he finally let out
"Sorry FP, I'm gonna have to leave you." She picked up her nighty and replaced her serpent jacket with it, making sure to act as sexy as possible. After all the fighting they had done in the past few years, she was ready to play games.
As she began to exit, he grabbed her and pulled her back.
"I have a situation Alice! One you can't just leave!" He gestured down the the bulge in his jeans,
"You really are sexually frustrated aren't you jones..." She laughed and played with his hair, making him even more horny.
"Can you please just do it ali!"
"I'm sure you can wait until the kids are at school at least!" She laughed.
"Maybe, but you better make it worth it smith!" He felt himself Go normal as she left the room.

I'm crying aha! I've never written smut so I'm so scared to write the next chapter but I'm sure it'll be fine! Fingers crossed!
Thanks so much for reading, 2K here we comeeeee xxx
Love you all Pom Poms xxx
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