You Just Havent' had Enough...Right? Chapter 19

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While I walked, stormed, ahead everyone was quiet knowing that was really pissed off. We reached another portal, after dark, that was near Newben's lab and I finally cooled off. "Ok guys I'm sorry for snapping just-"

"We deserved it." Shane and Ashton said in unision. I looked at them in shock but quickly got over it when Shane walked up to me. "Could I talk to you alone?" he asked nervously.

"Fine." I said walking behind him as we went deeper into the thicker parts of the woods. "Why are we-" I was cut off by Shane's gentel lips that quickly retreated but were stopped by my hands as I replaced them back on mine. Finally we broke free from the kiss gasping.

"Carlynda." Shane said holding up a finger meaning wait as he sat down and so did I, "Alice and I broke up the same time you and Ashton did. However I dated you because I wanted to make you happy and that was the only way I knew, was to date you. So what I am saying is, if Ashton and you strike up again I will be fine with it. I am only a temporary heal, meaning if something happened to me such as death I want you to move on."

I looked at him shocked then nodded as I leaned to my left where he sat and placed my lips on his again and crawled over him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and began to press me down into his front. I moaned in the kiss as he pressed me down farther than I thought I could go. He smirked in the kiss then slowly his hand made it up inside my shirt. I gasp as his hand grazed my chest allowing his tongue to enter my mout greedily as he began to squeeze my chest through the bra. His other hand went up my shirt and un-hooked my bra with very little trouble. The events continued to go all the way and we finally fell asleep with a blanket covering us.

I woke up the next day to see Shane running a damp rag over my body. "What are you doing?"

"Good morning to you too Carlynda." Shane replied, "I am cleaning the mess I made." he said as he whipped the rest of the mess away. "Here eat this." he commanded handing me a fruit. "It will get rid of the pain." he explained as I bit into it.

It was bitter sweet but I ate it and by the time Shane finished cleaning me the effects of the fruit kicked in. "Thank you Shane." I said weakly.

"Whats wrong?" he asked cupping my face.

"You keep talking about dieing so I don't want you to go out there." I whispered on his lips.

"Don't worry I will be fine and so will you." he said kissing my forehead.

When we approached the camp everyone was ready to be off again. We crossed the portal and stood in front of Newben's lab. I swallowed nervously looking at my Hell thinking how we were going to sneak in and take back our families. Kendall looked at it with a goofy confused look.

"You know this looks alot like that house you drew me when you were little." he said looking at me. I nodded slowly not taking my eyes off the building.

"So um whats the plan?" Tiqula asked looking at everyone.

"Well the army is all in the area so they are bound to notice us the second we step on their land. However the real worry is will they attack us on the spot or wait for us to be in the nest." Onno stated looking at the lab.

"Well since they have my family and they know I will do anything for them I am sure they want me to watch as they kill me." I stated looking in the direction of the building but seeing the images of my family murdering me and my friends.

"Eh..." Kendall said looking disturbed, "I've seen Mom aint pretty.."

"Kendall there is no time for joking!" Ashton snapped the glanced at me as though he felt he was stepping on my territory and was worried about my reaction. I just raised an eyebrow and nodded.

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