Dylan told me it would probably be best if he got me a different hotel.

I just simply agreed that he was, because well he was.

So there I was.

While he went back to the other hotel to gather all my stuff.

We agreed it would be better if he went alone and I just stayed here.

Well I just really shook my head.

I just didn't want to go back to that room.

I had so many bad memories there.

I decided a shower was needed.

As I stood naked in the mirror I saw all of the bruises left on my body.

I just wanted to cry at the image I saw in the mirror staring back at me.

I instantly jumped in the shower.

My bruises were ugly.

And I hated seeing them looking back at me.

I washed my hair.

When I got to the washing of my body.

I just started scrubbing, and scrubbing, and more scrubbing.

I was just trying to wash all the the filth away.

I felt so dirty.

I fell against the shower and curled up in and ball and just cried and cried.

Then I heard the door to the room open.

Then a knock on the bathroom door.

"Hey, it's Dylan. You okay in there Azzie?"

Nobody had ever called me that except for my mother.

"Yeah, I a am fi fine." I stuttered out.

"I brought food, when you get done." He said

"K." I said very high pitched.

I heard him walk away and turn on the TV.

I found myself crying again.

Then the door opened and Dylan appeared.

"Hey you sure you okay. Sounds like you are cr-." Then he looked at me.

Well for a brief moment.

"And you are crying." Dylan said

He handed me a robe, to cover myself up.

Then he sat on the floor by the tub.

"Why are you crying." He said as he wiped a tear from my eye.

"It's stupid." I said quietly.

"Darling, it will never be stupid."
He glanced down at my legs.

I also did when I saw the pain in his eyes.

They were red, from my rubbing them with the washcloth so hard.

"Darling, it's never stupid. I promise."

"I just don't understand how I could have let him get so close to doing that to me. You saved me. When you got here one of the staff came up to my room to make sure it was okay that I allow you in. She came up because I didn't answer the phone. I was other occupied." I started crying again.

"Well it's my pleasure to be your savior." He said wiping my new tears away.

"You probably don't want me anymore." I said

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