Reiko's POV

Good Morning,Still not on myself today but I the true I wanna go home on where I belong......

"Good Morning,Akahana n_n"-Airi

"Oh,Good Morning too"-Me

"I need to go out.Yukiteru called me he want me to go with him to buy something"-Airi

"Okay,Take Care"-Me

"Bye.Oh,If you need something go in the kitchen or If you're going out just lock the door"-Airi


Then Airi leaves..

"I'm so tired"-Me

"Maybe I should go out and walk"

Then I go out

Okumura's POV


"It's so nice in this place,There are many animals here"-Reiko

Then Reiko bump onto someone


"It's Ok"-Okumura

"Oh,It's you okumura"-Reiko

"Oh,Hello Akahana"-Okumura with a charming face

*What a creepy face he had*-Reiko

"So do you want to go with me and walk around?"-Me

"uhh sure"-Me

Then we walk around

"So okumura,what are you up to?"-Reiko

"Nothing,it's just a nice coincidience that i met you here :)"-Me

"Oh and Okumura when did you and Ryouko meet?"-Reiko

"Oh,We met when we where little"-Me

"Can you tell the story?"-Reiko



The day when my brother died

"Hey,Why are you crying?"-Ryouko

"Because my brother died because of me"-Me 

"No ones fault if you're brother died,You're brother did that because he loves you"-Ryouko


"Yes n_n"-Ryouko 

"Do you want to know anything about my brother?"-Me

"Sure but Before that let's go home"-Ryouko


(End of Flashback)

"So,that's what happened?"-Reiko

"Yes,And it's the first time she go out on her room"-Me

Then Okumura's cellphone ring

"Oh,Who is that?"-Reiko

"It's Ryouko"-Me


Message:Okumura go home now but before that buy some eggs and milk....thanks and don't do anything stupid.Ryouko

"I think you need to go home now"-Reiko

"Yeah I think so.Thank you for listening.Bye''-Me

then Okumura leave while weaving

"Bye"-Reiko while weaving her hand

"What a beautiful story"-Reiko

Then she go on the apartment of Airi

Reiko's POV

"I'm here"-Me

"Welcome back"-Airi

"Oh,I forgot someone told me that i give this too you."-Airi

"Oh.Thanks who gave this to you?"-Me  

"I don't know her name but she is wearing a maidsuit"-Airi

"Oh Okay"-Me

"But it's bothering me that flower lost three petals and it's made in metal"-Airi

"I think it's a style or something"-Me

"Oh,Okay I'm going too sleep"-Airi

"Okay,Sweet Dreams" -Me

After that Airi sleep...

*What is the meaning of this metal flower and why is this flower lost three petals,It's bothering me*

"Haha!"-The maid

To be Continued                                                                                                                                                                                   

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