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Unknown: Hey last night was great
If you have time today come by my dorm ;)

Unknown: maybe we can do more than you sucking me off ;)

Y: excuse me?

Unknown: were you drunk yesterday?

Unknown: Even if you were you would definitely remember me ;)

Y: if I was anywhere else than my house last night I would have remembered it

Unknown: shit wrong number

Unknown: oof thank god I don't have to use that cringy emoji anymore

Y: they gave you a wrong number

Yoongi: wow that hurts

Unknown: okay first of all I didn't ask for your opinion

Unknown: Maybe Ji Ha or whatever the name is made a mistake

Y: I don't think she made a mistake

Unknown: she?

Y: that Ji ha girl

Unknown: lmao

Y: a guy?

Unknown: yup

Y: oh

Unknown: what?

Y: I didn't say anything

Unknown: are you one of those homophobic assholes?

Y: No

Unknown: then?

Y: dude I'm not homophobic I'm literally gay

Unknown: omg gay legend🤩🤩

Unknown: n e ways I have to go

Unknown: So✌🏼

Y: rude

Unknown: sorry babe gotta go

Y: bye then

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