Remake Chapter 2: My Crush's Secret

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                                                                      { Alejandra P.O.V }

Where the fuck  am I ? This is not the place I remembered staying . It looked like one of the boys carried me to this old apartment. I sit up  and I notice that I'm only in my bra and panties. What the heck? I wonder who did this because if I find out, I'm going to kill him. I hear the door open. I see Christian come in with a white box, he goes and puts it on a chair.

Alejandra: Christian?

  { Christian P.O.V }  

Holy shit. I thought that Alejandra was asleep I didn't want her to see me like this.

Christian: Um...Good morning, Alejandra

Alejandra: Good morning, Christian

Christian: You sleep well?

Alejandra: Yea- but who took off my clothes and left me in my bra and panties?

Christian: That was me

She stands up. I admire her body a lot. She jumps on my back and that made me fall on the bed.

Christian: Fuck off

Alejandra: Make me

She starts to tackle me. Alejandra touches my tall necklace. My ears pop out. She stops " punching me"

 She stops " punching me"

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Alejandra: Christian?

Christian: Yea

Alejandra: You're a hybrid?

Christian: So

Alejandra: You look so cute

Christian: ( blushes ) really?

Alejandra: ( blushes ) tea

Christian: You're lying

Alejandra: No I'm not

We just stare at each other for a full 2 mins. Until, I made the first move. I started to kiss her. We were making out for 2 mins. I felt that i wanted to fuck her, so badly. I start to touch her bra clip and i wanted to take it off, but I stopped.

Alejandra: What's the matter?

I can't to this I just met her yesterday.

Christian: I need to go

Alejandra: Why?

Christian: Sorry, I got to go. I hope you like the gift I brought you.

Alejandra: Chris-

I walk out of her room and I love her, but I can't love her now. I hate myself.

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