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"Again Lydia!" Jeffery screamed as Lydia pinned three of my guards without hesitation.

We were three days into the training and she was really improving. Her previous training gave a an edge but she still struggled when her anger boiled over.

"Lydia you have to learn to control your anger. You're going to make mistakes if you're blinded by anger." Jeffery instructed.

"I'm trying!" She screamed.

The guards attacked her again. Her eyes were burning red. She countered every blow they threw at her. She was winning. While the fight continued Jeffery slowly walked towards me.

'Kaitlyn I'm sorry but we have no choice.' Jeffry used our mind link to talk to me.

"What?" I tried to answer but before I could Jeffery placed me into a choke hold.

As soon as he did Lydia left her fight and threw Jeffery off of me. While her back was turned one of the guards grabbed her and threw her to the ground while the others held her there.

"Kaitlyn leave. You're a distraction." Jeffery shouted.

"Get off of me now!" Lydia screamed. Her eyes were the darkest form of red. She scrambled away from the guards and took hold of Jeffery. Her grip was tight around his neck and all three of the guards couldn't free her.

"Lydia stop, I told him to do it!" I yelled towards her but her eyes never left Jeffery.

When I reached her Jeffery was at his knees. I placed my hand on hers trying to calm her.

"Please Lydia you have to control it." I spoke and her eyes flickered between purple and red.

"I'm sorry." She exhaled as she released Jeffery.

I pulled her into a hug. She held me tight as if it meant life of death.

"I'm sorry. When someone touches you I lose control." She admitted.

"It's okay Kaitlyn, when they test you they will want you to lose control. You need to be able to control your emotions and focus your mind." Jeffery said as he regained his composure. "We still have time."

"I have to finish some work inside, when your done with Jeffery come and get me." I kissed Lydia before returning to my office.

I needed to let them work with out me there distracting her. Plus, my paperwork had been piling up. My focus was more on Lydia than my my duties. I could hear footsteps approaching before someone knocked on my office door.

"Come in."

Jenna had accompanied Kelly and Sam to my office. The three seemed worried.

"We heard about what happened during her training." Jenna stated. She was clearly upset that Lydia hurt her mate but she didn't dwell on that aspect of the event.

"She's incredibly strong. We need more time, she can't control it." It was hard for me to say but it was completely true. She didn't have the upbringing we had.

"She can control it." Sam stated.

"We need to use you as an advantage Kaitlyn." Kelly chimed in.

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