Chapter 13

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Kiss!!!! Zack wants us to kiss!!!!
I can't do that!!! My heart still hasn't calmed down after that hug. If I do anything else, I think my heart is gonna stop or I will surely get a heart attack!
"Mommy, Daddy, Kiss!" He said again.
I nervously glanced at Jayden. He too seemed shocked and then his expression changed to anger.
No, No, No!!! He is gonna shout on Zack!! I gotta do something!!!
My legs started moving on its own and in a second I was standing right in front of Jayden, just a step away.
I don't know what I am doing but I just can't let Zack know about the devil his dad is.
Jayden looked at me shocked.
I took a deep breath. I need to do this, for Zack! Yes, just for Zack!! There is no meaning to it. I know I am doing something crazy just because a two-year-old kid said so.
I brought my face close to Jayden's. His eyes grew wide. Then I brought my right hand close to his jaws, held his jaws between my thumb and forefinger and turned his face to right. I took a deep breath and then kissed his cheek.

"Mommy, Daddy, friends!!!" Zack said cheerfully clapping his hands.
I kissed Jayden!!!!! I backed away as fast as I can and went towards Zack.
I took him in my arms and hurried to leave the room.

I took a deep breath as I entered Zack's playroom. I put Zack to his feet and sat down trying to catch my breath and calm my heart. I thought I was gonna faint!! That was such a pressure!!
It was just a peck on the cheek and I am reacting like this!! Am I an idiot?!!! I have kissed Charles on his cheeks so many times who is not a family but like a family. Gosh!!! What have I done?! I buried my face in my palms. I am so embarrassed!! How did I do something like this??!!! If I tell Charles, he is gonna laugh and also tease me. How will I face Jayden again??!!! He must be shocked too. God!!! I really want to disappear!!!
"Mommy." Zack said.
I looked up at him.
"Mommy, sick?" He asked worriedly.
Great!!! Now, I made a two-year-old kid worry about me.
"No, sweety. Mommy is fine." I said and hugged him.
I did this for Zack and there is no meaning to it. Zack is happy and that's all I need.

"Mommy, show daddy, tower." He said pointing to the tower he made.
He wants me to call Jayden!! I am not ready to meet him yet!!
"Zack call daddy!" He said and ran out before I could say anything.
Please, let me disappear!!! Please!!!
I did something so outrageous!! I should say sorry to him. No, wait! Why should I say sorry when I didn't do anything wrong. His son wanted me to do it so I just did it. And moreover, he hugged me! And it's not like I stole something or did any crime! I just gave him a peck on his cheek! It didn't kill him!! I am just overreacting!! Yeah, it was nothing big!!
I laughed.
"You made a tower today?" I heard Jayden's voice.
Let me disappear!!!! I can't face him!!!!
Jayden entered the room with Zack in his arms. They went towards the tower and he put Zack down.
"Wow!!! It's really taller than before!!" He said looking at the tower.
"You have grown taller than you were the last time you made this. It's already been half a year. You mommy would have been so happy seeing you grow." He said hugging Zack.
So, Zack made a tower like this with his mom. Zack is too young to realize that but it must have an emotional attachment to Jayden.
"Mommy, happy?" Zack said confused.
"Yes, mommy must be happy." Jayden said smiling.
Zack looked at me and then came running.
"Mommy, happy?" He asked me.
I looked at Jayden who sighed.
I looked back at Zack who was still looking at me eagerly waiting for my answer.
"Yes, mommy happy." I replied to him, glancing at Jayden who looked away.
Zack hugged me smiling.
I don't know what to do. In the process of making Zack happy, I end up hurting Jayden. He loves his wife and seeing Zack call me mommy must hurt Jayden a lot. If only I can do something to make Jayden happy along with Zack.

"He slept." I said looking at Zack who was sleeping on the floor with his toy car in hand. He was playing in his playroom post-dinner while I was reading a book.
"Did he fall asleep?" I heard Jayden from behind me.
"Umm...Yes." I replied suddenly feeling conscious.
"I will take him to his room." I said getting up.
"No, I will do that." He said lifting Zack up.
I followed him to Zack's room.
He put sleeping Zack in his crib and kissed his forehead.
"He is surprisingly mature than his age." I said looking at Zack.
"Yeah, I can't believe he figured it out so well." He said.
"It seems that he knew since yesterday night. He has been acting weird since dinner yesterday." I guessed.
"His mom and I never had a fight so I had no idea he was this observant. He is just like his mom. She too would know everything without anyone telling her." He said patting Zack's head.
"I wonder where he learned all those things from?" I said.
"From his mom." He replied.
"His mom?" I asked confused.
Jayden looked at me.
"When he was a year old, we went to a party and he got into child's fight with a girl of his age over a toy. You know how he loves his car, right? She took that from him and so he got angry. He still looked really cute though." Jayden said and laughed remembering that time.
I smiled.
"That time his mom told him that he shouldn't fight with his friends and also told him to shake hands and hug. And since the other person was a girl, she told him to kiss her on her cheek. She really loved seeing Zack's first fight, anger, handshake, hug and kiss. She was so excited that she already was creating a love story of Zack and that girl." He said laughing.
I can't believe he is laughing!! And his laugh, he looks so cute!!
He looked at me and his expression stiffened a little.
"I can't believe that he remembered that! He was just one! He really is a genius and smart kid!" He said proudly looking at Zack.
"He really is." I said glancing at Zack.
He remembers so many things, but he forgot how his mom looked like?! He is still a kid. He lost his mom so young. Maybe his brain blocked his mom's memories to save him from that pain. He thinks of me as his mom and I will give him all the love he needs.
"So, now you know how much effort you have to put in to teach Zack." He said and turned to look at me.
"Yeah, I got it. I will do my best." I said. I really have to put much more effort. I couldn't know that he was worried even though I was with him the whole time. I won't let this happen again!
"What?" He said and I looked at him.
He was giving me confused look. I shook my head and smiled.
"I am going to bed. Good night." I said and turned to leave.
"Go and get ready." He said and I turned to look at him.
"What?" I asked confused.
"Yesterday, you wanted to meet your boyfriend, right? Get ready. You can go to meet him today." He said.
My eyes grew wide.
"Really!!!" I said jumping in joy.
"Thank you so much!!" I said.
He looked down. I followed his gaze and saw that I was holding his hands.
I left his hands and backed away.
"I will go and get ready. Thank you so much again and good night." I said and hurried to my room.
He may act like a devil but he still has a soft heart.
I was so wrong about him!!!

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