Band On The Run- Fanfic

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Disclaimer: This story is a fanfic of Band on the Run by @chooseitwisely. If you haven’t read it, please do, it is absolutely amazing!

And if you haven’t finished Just What I Needed or Band on the Run, there are spoilers here. You’ve been warned :)

By the way, what happens here is made up by me, this ISN’T the real story.

Oh, and it has swearing in it. Sorry about that.

I think that’s all. Enjoy!

With my hands starting to slightly quiver, I checked the clock for what seemed like the fiftieth time today.  Six thirty two. Rising from my couch, I ran a weary hand through my hair before bee lining to my kitchen. I couldn’t resist looking longingly at the six pack of beer on the counter, but I forced myself to reach for an empty glass instead. With what was coming up, I knew myself enough to know that if I started drinking now, I wouldn’t be able to stop until I passed out, and I needed my wits about me tonight. Time was running out, and I couldn’t afford to mess this up now. Filling the cup with tap water, I gulped it down, hoping that it would somewhat soothe my nerves. No such luck. Maybe coffee would be a better alternative? With that thought, I put the empty cup in the sink before turning to make myself a fresh batch.

I had barely finished pouring myself a mug before a knock sounded on my door, immediately making my stomach jump to my throat.  Heart pounding frantically, I forced down sip of the coffee before putting the mug down and straightening. Too late to back out now, I told myself firmly. This was it. Reaching my front door, I took in three deep breaths, vainly hoping to calm down my rapid heartbeat, before slowly opening the door.

“Hey, rebel.”

Raising an eyebrow at the cheery greeting, I watched as Seth brushed past me into my apartment without a word. He kicked off his shoes before walking to the kitchen and proceeding to snag a beer bottle from the pack. I closed the door and followed him, silently pleading both my heart and nerves to just calm the fuck down already. Seth look a long drink before turning around and giving me a grin. “Will and Jake not here yet? And I thought I was late to this.”

I silently shook my head, before picking up my mug and walking to the living room, knowing that Seth would follow me. He did, albeit with a small frown beginning to form on his face as he carefully studied me. I turned my head away from him, hair hiding my face as I took a seat on the couch.  It never did take him long to figure out that something was wrong me, did it? It was him that could always gauge my emotions with a look, despite all my efforts at trying to hide them. Well, almost always, I thought bitterly.

Seth sat on the couch opposite me, his frown fully fledged now as he put his beer down on the table. “What’s wrong?” he asked, worry lacing his voice as his eyes carefully searched my face. Well, that was quick, I thought, as I put my coffee down next to his beer. Giving a resigned sigh, I clenched my eyes tight, pinching the bridge of my nose. Well, it’s now or never, I suppose. Opening my eyes, I looked Seth dead in the eyes before declaring, “We need to talk.”

He blinked at me in surprise, before seeming to gather some of his wits and smirking at me. “This is sounding like the beginning of a breakup, you know we actually have to be together before you can dump me, right?” Despite myself, I felt the corners of my mouth twitch slightly at his joking tone, but I kept silent. Ever since Nick and I broke up, Seth has been trying everything to convince me to give him another chance. It was sometimes quite amusing watching him try, but mostly it just made my heart clench. The hopeful and longing look in his hazel eyes when he fixed them on me has almost won me over several times, before common sense kicked in. But tonight wasn’t the time for this, I had more pressing issues on my mind.

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